I have ADD and although I have been diagnosed with ADD I am not getting treatment.

Lately I have been feeling ignored. I email people and don’t get a response. This would be fine if it were about trivia but when it is time sensitive and concerns my future it gets annoying. Maybe it is my email getting blocked for spam. I don’t know how secure excite is and I get a lot of spam. Maybe time to move on to another service.

I read Delivered from Distraction and it mentioned how ADD never travels alone in adults that went undiagnosed as mine had until last fall. It mentioned depression is a normal companion of Adult ADD. I wonder if my social ineptness is also caused by ADD?

Funny how typing my problems helps a little.

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4 comments on “ADD

  1. ADD Mama says:

    that is a great book – I read it also. I’ve often felt ignored in social situations, but I often times feel I don’t have a whole lot to add to the conversations. I can never learn a lot about one subject at a time… frustrating, too distracted!


  2. Lisa Marie says:

    I have read that book too. It’s good. I too suffer from ADD and Bi-Polar and can vouch for the vast contrast I feel between being on medication and not. I strongly encourage you to seek treatment and stick with it. Learning more about it is a good first step, however. Feelings of depression and abandonment could also go along with your ADD or signs of something else. Do you have a good social support network? By this I mean, a supportive circle of trusted friends whom you can count on to listen to you and accept you unconditionally. Drinking buddies or mere acquaintances, don’t count. If you are in a relationship, having such good outside support is still important otherwise you will appear needy and this will drive any girlfriend away. Perhaps this is what your experiencing now. Only you know for sure.

    Regardless, taking personal responsibility for your feelings and getting your own needs met as well as charting your own course in life (future) is completely up to you. Waiting for others approval or input isn’t necessary and just signals that you don’t trust yourself.

    Sometimes we have to reach out to others for support; they can’t read our minds. If you don’t get someone right away, try someone else. Try journaling or attending an ADD support group to find help from like-minded people. This should help you feel heard and satisfy feelings of loneliness.

    I hope this has helped. Check out my blogs and ADD websites out there. Take charge of your life and know that things will get better once you take your power back and get treatment!


  3. dlfields says:

    We had our nine-year-old daughter tested for ADD at the beginning of this school year and results said she was borderline. She’s not on medication, but I wonder how we can help her concentrate.
    After reading your post I wonder if she ever feels lonesome in a crowd. I also wondered about a classmate of hers; his ADD is so bad he’s a distraction in class and I wonder if he has any friends at all.


  4. pcfreakgeek says:

    I have add as well.


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