Education is an important part of life in fact I class it as important as food and shelter. As a person trying to return to McMaster university to complete my B.A. I understand the hardships we put on students in Ontario. In my time at university I saw the tuition fees rise and the quality of education fall. I experienced a student aid system that was complicated and hard to access.

I did an essay while taking political science comparing the benefits of our system compared to the benefits of the German system. I was already aware that tuition in Germany is free but I didn’t realize that Germany cares more about educating me as a Canadian than my own country. I asked my MP once about getting help with my education and the response was his office could set me up with skills training.

The European system of fully funding education from cradle to grave should be adopted in Canada. We can pay for it by ending corporate welfare especially to profitable companies. Having life long education will permit Canadians to explore their full potential and not create an indebted graduating class every year. With no debt the youth of this country may start new businesses instead grabbing any job that will cover the interest payments.


One comment on “Education

  1. Janifer says:

    The education system must be such by which every student able to get the education with the quality and without spending a lot of money. The fee of the education is enhancing continue but the level or quality of the education is decreasing regularly. The government try to do best in this direction because to strengthen the economic condition of a country and its citizen, it is necessary.

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