Economic heroin

Economic Heroin or oil is a problem in the twenty-first century that has to be dealt with the way we would deal with any other addiction. If we continue we will increasingly turn to more psychotic behavior to get our fix. We already invade other countries, enslave populations, destroy our own life support systems and become disloyal to our friends.

With increased gas prices more people are resorting to theft as opposed to alternative energy sources. Our controlled market means alternatives are not available and our weak democracies are pandering to the pushers and the biggest junkies instead of pushing major reforms.

Why can’t we bring in tough legislation to fix the problem? The archaic oil powered economy is a relic of the bygone Twentieth Century. We need courageous policy from politicians willing to sacrifice their career for the greater good. Are there any such politicians?

The first policy needed is to ban internal-combustion only vehicles within two model years for cars SUVs and light trucks. Eventually all vehicles and equipment should be zero emissions without exemption this will inject new life to Canada’s dreary manufacturing sector as well as helping the environment. If the free-market fundamentalists are to be believed creating this crisis will cause the market to react to fix the problem.

A better transportation strategy than the quaint old car would be restoration of the rail network. Others have mentioned this as well because a good idea doesn’t have but one champion. We abandoned the epitome of land transit so readily in previous generations without consideration of the future of the country. A nation of our size an scope can not afford low volume transportation and endless kilometers of roads with massive maintenance bills.

For local air travel we should bring back the airship, both rigid and blimp varieties. Powered by solar electric these airships could connect the country in new ways. Tourism from these airships could show off the country and protect wildlife all at the same time. Cargo could be transported by making airships capable of carrying hundreds of tons. The slowness compared to jets still outruns trucks in moving people and cargo.

Shipping has to be explored for alternatives to dirty bunker fuel for moving across our oceans. Government should lead through the navy by making the joint support ships use advanced energy saving technologies not only as a means to move forward on the war against oil but as a means to cut operational cost over the life of the ships.

All these policy options and more would retool our current Twentieth Century economy for the Twenty-first century that we currently are in. The savings would be more effective than tax breaks for boosting economic performance as fuel costs and related consumable parts costs far exceed taxes in the nations budgets.


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