Arms Dealing

Arms dealing should be restricted to free and democratic governments only. Each sale should be approved by a two thirds vote of the lower house of the nation or in the case of weapons of mass destruction a binding referendum on each sale. This should be entrenched in an international treaty backed by the pooled resources of democracies to enforce it. Embargoes on all nations that violate the treaty would be enforced by United Nations forces.

Perhaps a new global institution would be required to fight the unrestricted arming of democracies enemies. A global alliance that stands up against the communist, fascist, fundamentalist and other forms of tyrannical governance. Democracies would need to end domestic corpratism and nationalize the arms industries in favour of democratic control. This global alliance of democracies would work with the UN as its legitimate military force and replace NATO and others like it. Expulsion would be mandatory for any democracy that acted imperialistically, sold arms to non-democratic governments, used violence against another democracy or anything else that was inconsistent with the duties of democratic governance.

With so many weapons in the world getting into the hands of democracies enemies and criminals isn’t time we debated and explored the possibility of cutting off the supply lines? Is not cutting supply lines a legitimate tactic in warfare? Why must we allow the enemies of democracy to have weapons? Are profits more important than life?

At one time I believe supplying weapons to those opposed to your country was an act of High Treason. What changed? We have people getting rich providing weapons to people like the Sudanese government and Osama Bin Laden. They enjoy the protection of the five members of the UN Security Council while working to undermine the democracies that support them and allow them to flourish.

If democracies collectively stopped supplying everyone with the money for weapons democracy would be safer. Perhaps there would be less “Blow Back” against our democracies from the developing world when they find the source of these weapons. Sure China and the other tyrannical regimes will fill the void but at least we in democratic countries will have less blood on our hands. Every-time a Canadian made weapon kills an innocent civilian or a soldier from a democracy every Canadian is guilty of participating  in the crime. Because we allowed the criminal to be armed and the weapon to be made.


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