A Northern Policy

I have no idea what to call this policy so I will just describe it. With the great expense and environmental impact of getting fresh fruit and vegetables to remote Canadian communities perhaps we should look to alternatives.

My idea is simple, give every remote community in Northern Canada a greenhouse or hydroponics set-up. The result would be locally grown fruit and vegetables providing for the health of the local communities. It would also create jobs in areas where jobs can be scarce.

The buildings housing these set-ups would need to be built so no heat would escape. The buildings would need to be climate controlled and self contained like what would be needed for Mars or the moon. The Canadian Space Agency could participate in the project as part of there Mars program. They should be powered with wind generators and where possible geo-thermal.

Putting this much investment into our North and Arctic would go towards establishing our sovereignty. Our environment would benefit as not as many ships and aircraft would be needed to move supplies to these remote communities.


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