Immigrants with skills

I have been hearing a lot over the years about immigrants coming with plenty of skills not getting a job in their field. Once here people usually have to take any job they can get instead of using the skills they put plenty of effort in getting. We give them immigration points as if we wanted them but fail to use their full potential once here.

Accreditation is suggested as the problem with getting people in the work force in appropriate jobs. More mentors are required and there should be career benefits made available for those who become mentors. Before becoming a mentor the person should spend a year over seas seeing the other systems of training firsthand. Having an understanding of one or more alternative training methods will help mentors understand those they are mentoring.

Canada should also establish a series of accreditation schools in fields we need the most. These schools would be located in areas where Canada received the most skilled immigrants. These schools could be funded by offering English and French language classes.

We must move to reduce the prejudice and stigma associated with foreign credentials so Canada fully meets the potential of its new citizens.


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