Alternative Speech from the Throne 2008

As today’s Throne Speech was bland, conservative and lacking in any substance or vision I would like to have my own. A vision of reform in areas that have gone to long without progress or evolution. Much of it will repeat what I have wrote on this blog so I will not go into details.

With the global economy diving as deep as it can it is time for economic change on a radical scale. Now is not the time for Laissez-faire or blind government handouts. The economy should be secured from future down turns with greater domestication of our economy and its resources. If Canada can do it then we should do it here and not import it from abroad. Canada like all nations should look to economic security through providing as many needs from home as possible. A greater reliance on our own resources with fair trade to not only provide us with the few items we can not do ourselves but to share our surplus with the world.

Fair trade over the current free trade structures will help us out of this crisis. The current regime allows exploitation of people and planet at a very costly rate. If we do not pay foreign farmers and workers a fair, living wage how can they be Canada’s customers? If every nation became an economic strong hold fairly trading the surpluses the global economy could very well be protected from further detriment. Canada needs legislation to encourage the fair trade evolution, something that will make us wealthier in the long run without causing poverty elsewhere.

Doing things ourselves would not be a retreat from the world. We will still need to send aid, diplomats and unfortunately the Canadian Forces. Proactive security requires diplomats and service personnel to leave on potentially dangerous assignments. Canada is however missing an independent foreign intelligence service to aid our diplomats and armed forces. This should be created as a separate entity answerable directly to the Privy Council Office and the Prime Minister. Although this agency would co-operate with our allies it would never rely on them.

Our domestic energy and foreign aid would be concentrated in energy independence and security. Alternative energies would be the preferred and eventually the only allowed to be implemented in Canada and in our aid abroad. Economic independence can not happen if we rely on fossil fuels and international markets. Nuclear power is only a temporary solution that is to capital intensive. Incentives and home power production kits should be made available to all Canadians and those in areas we are providing aid to. Household energy independence goes a long way to national independence.

Taxes would be the graduated flat tax plan that I wrote about earlier on this blog. Additional taxes would be levied for pollution the funds spent directly on research, development and alternatives. Government spending would be balanced because departments would receive percentages of revenue instead of hard figures. For example Defence would automatically get five percent of every dollar taken in taxes.

Education is essential for democratic, progressive societies. The federal government would pay for half of every student enrolled in a non-profit faculty/student controlled institute of tertiary education. The provinces and local government should come up with the other half at least for Canadian citizens. Not only would this help our domestic economy but allow impoverished students from around the globe to benefit from our education. Employers who hire students would not have to pay payroll taxes unless they scheduled to conflict with the students courses. This policy would be zero tolerance and any employer would subsequently have to pay all back payroll taxes with interest. This is needed to protect students from employers who do not recognize the importance of time for class or studying.

Defence would be reviewed to cut frivolous costs and put the money in training and equipment. For example there is no need for multiple uniform types. There should be the number one dress uniform and the combat uniform anything else is of no use in protecting Canada. A Canada first procurement with strict anti-profiteering and quality control rules should be implemented. A nation that does not make it’s own defence equipment is undefended.

Democratic reform would include proportional, rep by pop election to the House of Commons. The Senate would not be reformed but ten seats added to provide the First peoples of this great nation a greater influence in its direction. We must never have a Senate legitimate or powerful enough to highjack the agenda or defeat the people’s representatives.

Of course the very first thing the government should do is re=implement the Kelona Accord.


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