High speed rail

I read a Toronto Star article about putting a roof park on the Gardiner Express way. This triggered a thought. For decades, maybe a century their has been a plan for high speed rail between Quebec City and Windsor. An easy, already existing route is the 401 freeway. Put the trains over the highway. It is already surveyed and avoids hard curves and elevations that slow trains down.
We need a rail connection through the most populated part of the country for economic progress and insurance against prohibitively high oil prices. As the highway becomes less viable the lower level could be converted to freight trains.
Of course the current Luddites will say rail is bad and gas guzzlers are good and moving to new technologies will kill their control of the old economy.


4 comments on “High speed rail

  1. ponch58 says:

    Better idea. Build the railway and force commuters to take it. Make the highway only accessible to delivery and freight vehicles. People are so in love with their cars that they will never willingly “choose” a train as a method of transportation. If they were forced…


    • qualitypunk says:

      They will as oil prices put the car in the decadent luxury realm. With $200 a barrel oil predicted in 2012 the car becomes a liability.


  2. Dave says:

    This link should have been started in the mid 1990s when this was seriously considered. It would have been built and up and running by now if they had had the foresight to go for it back then. Not sure about using the 401 though, maybe more costly than a new route or upgrading the existing rail line.


    • qualitypunk says:

      The problem with existing rail lines is they are primarily for freight and passenger rail sits on sidings while the freight trains go through.


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