Health Care

I have heard recently that the Republicans and the American Medical Association are spreading lies about Canada’s health care. Saying we have to wait for permission from government to get treatment. That we can’t have any coverage if we haven’t filled out the right forms.

I do have to fill out information and see a bureaucrat every five years. When I get a new health card. Why do we have to get new health cards all the time? We need to keep ahead of the people trying to defraud our system because the country to our south has the worst health care in the industrialized world.

My understanding is the bureaucrats that can veto a procedure work for the HMOs. We in Canada can vote the government out if they try and cut coverage. What can Americans do?

I don’t mind getting involved in the U.S. debate because the AMA tried to use lies, fear and threats to destroy our system as it was starting. If the U.S. moves to a more universal coverage Canada’s costs will drop because there will be less abuse.


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