National Languages Institute

I have seen recent news items about Canada losing its indigenous languages. It is disturbing that Canada, a nation so diverse and progressive, is losing languages that tie us with our ancient roots.
An Institute should be founded with support from all levels of government to preserve Canada’s languages. All of our Native languages should be recorded and preserved for future generations. Our unique non-Native dialects should also be preserved for the future.
When a language or dialect dies we lose a body of knowledge. Canada in the 21st Century can not afford to lose knowledge. We live in a knowledge driven world and everything that can give us an edge should be embraced. The classic example would be the U.S. Navy’s Wind Talkers.
Perhaps a Chief Linguist of Canada could be appointed to report to Parliament and the Assembly of First Nations. This person would co-ordinate between university programs, local societies, levels of government and the international community. The Chief Linguist would give an annual report on the state of Canada’s languages, how they are being preserved and how they are evolving to meet new challenges.


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