If Freedom isn’t free is it still freedom?

First I must say ‘Freedom isn’t free’ is one of the worst phrases New Speak has come up with. In my opinion only tyranny costs blood and treasure. Only when we drop our guard and let the tyrants flourish do we have to make major sacrifices.

We are not vigilant about preserving our freedoms, so obviously we don’t care. We don’t all vote in elections and if we do we base our vote on popularity or narrow self interest. We refuse debate in our society whenever possible with pap phrases like ‘I don’t like confrontation’. Non violent conflict leads to progress and stronger democracy. Violent confrontation leads to tyranny and regress as does blind obedience.

So many people think cash, guns and SUVs are freedom but they are chains of enslavement. Tools to warp your mind and make it numb to the fascism that is rising through out the world. We provide socialism for billionaires and call it a bail out for the poor. We have people resorting to stunts and protests because only high paid lobbyist get into the halls of power. Corporations control more and more of our society and we accept it because without them we would be Communist? Roosevelt warned us what corporate government would bring and labelled it Fascism.

Why do I think SUVs, guns, etc. are chains of bondage? You have no choice to say no. The alternative to automobiles is? We are forced to choose the resource intense profit generating gas powered forms of transportation. We have no free market choice to say no to them and even public transit is another variation of them. The free market is a wonderful myth perpetuated on us. The market is a vassal of unelected unaccountable people who demand we lower their taxes and raise our own, who demand tax dollars be spent for their interest and not the peoples. They walk in the halls of power and dictate to our governments. It all sounds like neo-feudalism to me. At least we will get bread and circuses out of it.

The search for freedom isn’t in materialism, symbols, media or religion for these things are all controlled by the tyrants. The free market corrupted is corporatism or capitalism, where wealth is the only prize and the economy is a failure. Unable to fill the needs just a few wants. Faith corrupted is religion, there to deviously back those seeking absolutism. In those nations where the symbols are more important than the people Democracy is missing for in Democracy the only symbols need to be sentient, well educated and have a pulse. You call them citizens. You educate them because ignorance is another tool of tyranny as is information overload.


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