Preston Manning

There was a rumour recently about Preston Manning being in the running for Governor General. There is apparently Face Book groups dedicated to achieving this. The only drawback I see is Preston Manning’s poor French skills.

The reason I would want Manning as GG are summed as he would stand up to Harper. Since Stephen Harper left the Reform Party he has attacked Manning and the old cadre of Reformists Manning assembled to start Reform. Preston Manning has attacked some of the Harper government’s policies and methods. These of course are the very reasons Stephen Harper isn’t considering Preston Manning for the job.

The appointment would show the one thing Stephen Harper works hardest to hide, Conservative Party unity is a facade. The Reform part of the party would be thrilled with Governor General Manning. However the other two main factions, the true blue conservatives and the American style neo-conservatives would be alienated by Stephen Harper choosing Preston Manning. Manning after all isn’t neo-conservative for the Harperites, divided the old Progressive Conservative Party and kept things divided through most of the Chretien era.

Preston Manning is becoming, slowly, an environmentalist. On CBC’s the House radio show Preston Manning even said the carbon tax was good policy just packaged wrong. You cannot have said such a thing and expect the current climate change denying government to appoint you to a post, let alone the top appointment in Canada.


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