Job reduction plan

Sarcasm this is. Our continued reliance on big business that increasingly is based outside of the country will guarantee continued job losses and an economic recovery that only looks good on computer monitors. What is a jobless recovery? Is it new speak for ‘fuck the poor I got mine’? The entire international system is designed to pick winners and losers. White Anglo-Saxon Protestant get the biggest winnings and those who share the same old school ties are the rest of the winners. If you conform to the one true religion of Corporatism you win and may choose an infidel as you play thing.

We are never going to have a truly free market thanks to corporate corruption and weak politicians unwilling to stand up to big business. So it is up to citizens to claim Parliament back and make the needed changes ourselves. Jobs are the only recovery that will work, real people earning real money is the way to get out of our economic slump. A slump that has been decades in the making. We are sold lower prices, prices below cost and wonder why our wages decrease and our jobs leave. Society is structured to prevent change and employment opportunities. The status quo may only be changed to preserve the hierarchy of the status quo. In essence to preserve the socio-economic elite or aristocracy of the capitalist system.

Some quick solutions even the neo-conservatives may like:

Testing everyone who is on welfare for extended times. These tests would be for personality, vocational interests and ability, psychological problems and skills. Some of this kind of testing is being done but there needs a national strategy to fund it and set the right kind of testing and results. The results of this testing may show where Canada needs to do better on education and mental health. It will also show where Canada’s labour strengths lay. Perhaps to take it further and have a Federal program pay to have every grade 9 in the country tested. May help teachers teach individual students better.

So much of Canada was agricultural and farming is in our national DNA from well before the European settlements. Many people given the opportunity would be farmers again and perhaps that can be an investment for the post oil world. Local farming is essential for prosperity, energy security, National security, and dinner. A nation that can’t feed itself or provide its own armaments cannot survive. To protect these new farms we should slap heavy tariffs equal or greater than the subsidies given by other nations.

Environmentalism mixed with a regulatory system that punishes all forms of pollution will force Canada’s economy to grow up. We can’t rely on exports of energy and the old economy of consumption. New energy sources will require more skilled jobs as will new transit systems and a culture of conservation. Good jobs that will pay better than selling mountains of crap at Walmart. Environmentalism is more than just a blue box and fluorescent light. It is economic salvation for the current economic crises, it can create many jobs and correct injustices capitalism needs for its survival.

Rail is another key method of recovery. We are the worst in the industrialized world for rail, the third nation of rail has become a third world country when rail is concerned. Our transcontinental lines were the pyramids of the 19th century. The American routes were the easy ones ours went through tougher mountains, steeper grades and swamps. By the time World War 2 arrived the rail network made supplying the war effort easy. Trains could carry more cargo faster and cheaper then road, all straight to the convoys for Europe. Now our rail network is overgrown and forgotten. With an end to government subsidies and favouritism to automobiles the railways could flourish again. It wasn’t the free market that killed them it was a government strategy to favour one form of land transit at the expense of the economy as a whole. An added bonus of rail is that the railroads pay for the track so taxpayers aren’t on the hook like we are for highways and roads. Maybe we should privatize the road network and see how long people are willing to drive.

All of these methods will require education and up front costs, however the long term effects of doing nothing to fundamentally change Canada’s economy will result in the Great Depression being a much happier time. Capitalism has been as effective as Communism and should have the same inglorious fate. To big to fail businesses are a threat to economic recovery. If we let them recover the economy will go on in its artificial state until the to big to fail prove again they are to big to succeed. Bubble, boom and bust should be left in the history books for academics to ponder in future.


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