Strategic Resources and Technologies

It is time for Canada to have a Strategic Resources and Technologies Act. This is required so the politicization of resources and the foreign control of resources doesn’t happen again. The ruling over potash was the correct one but only if it stands. It was most likely seat counting for the next election and not Canada’s sovereignty and economic security.

Foreign investment is required in Canada but less would be needed if Canadians invested in themselves. We can not rely on outside help to develop our economy and resources. Colonies are the ones who wait for someone to spend money on development. It is essential Canada does not return to a colony. The imperial options for mother country are all bad for Canada’s future.

Their are certain resources that have to remain in Canadian hands in order for us to remain independent as a nation. The resources that ensure economic and military survival. Energy, agriculture, steel, rare earth minerals, aluminum, and others have to remain under Canadian control for Canada’s success in the Twenty-First Century.

Technologies to need to be protected from foreign control. Aerospace, robotics, armaments, rail, shipping, etceteras should also regulated for economic and national security. Canada should be working to reclaim its rightful place as the world leader in aerospace, robotics and rail and not be a parts supplier for other countries. In order to protect these industries and technologies Canada will need to become better at identifying and developing its potential and its talents.

The act we write should include a cap of forty-five percent on foreign control of strategically important industries and resources. It should further limit the investment to nations that reciprocate without reservation in their own strategic industries and are a proven democracy that has signed a mutual defence treaty with Canada. The nation must also back Canada’s full claim to Arctic sovereignty.

The act must also say that under no circumstances will raw material be sold outside of Canada. Only the export of finished materials will be permitted to preserve Canadian employment and production capacity. None of this would apply to resources that are not strategically important they would continue to be traded on the open market. Where international agreements threaten the sovereign right of Canadians to pass such a law we must amend or withdraw from those agreements.

Corporations will oppose such a law and that is how we know it is the correct course of action. Corporations are not loyal to anything but their bottom line. They have a vested interest in reducing democracy to preserve their market controls, to appease them is the same as appeasing Hitler at Munich. We are in a period of history where fascism is returning around the world, telling us we must surrender our freedoms for the appearance of security. We need to protect our strategic interests soon before the fascists acquire a country to start wars against democracy.


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