Attention! Right Wing, relocate

I have discovered your Utopia. A place that is warm and sunny with a blue sea off its coast. This place has no government regulating you to death. The government is hiding in its compound terrified of the people in fact.

The gun is the law here and you can have assault weapons from anyone on a street corner. No one will violate your right to mount a 14.7mm machine gun on your truck. As you believe more guns will make you safer than be amazed how safe the streets are in the capital. No tyrannical back ground checks will be asked of you, they will ask if you want a rocket launcher with your purchase.

There are no banking regulations and no banks to regulate. Small business doesn’t need to jump through hoops or pay payroll taxes. There are no taxes at all. The government stays out of the economy allowing business to flourish. Think of all the jobs there must be without taxes to kill them. Unions don’t exist and neither does a minimum wage.

This wonderful country doesn’t force you to have health insurance. The government provide zero healthcare, not even for its own employees. Health care is donated by the wealthy. Not through force but through true altruism. The government is not involved.

Have I hooked you on moving yet? You’re eager to now where this Nirvana is.

It is a failed state.

It is Somalia.

Government doesn’t sound so bad when you are without it. Gun control is tyranny until you experience how much tyranny the gun enforces. Taxes and regulations are lesser evils than chaos and anarchy. Universal health care may make you wait in line to see a doctor but the people ahead of you are worse off not better insured.

Thank you if read this far. You may now issue a Fatwah against me.


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