Wrong Side of History

It is an amazing time in global history. People power is changing the world, for the better or the worse, people are mobilizing. Rights and Democracy are the goal for youth denied a say, opportunity or freedom. Aging tyrants and there aging supporters are being shown the door or forced to reform. Libya is descending into civil war because their dictator is stubborn. Through out the world, but mainly Africa and the Middle East we see people fed up with tyranny and demanding free and fare elections. People want and need destiny in their hands not in the hands of a unaccountable few.

This is nothing new, just democratic evolution. Canadians once took up arms to demand accountable, responsible government. The Lower and Upper Canada rebellions in the 1830s were our calls for an end to the Family Compact regime. The rebellions failed as violence often does, but the seed of reform lead to the evolutionary process that gives every citizen over 18 a vote. Wouldn’t the rebels of the 1830s be shocked at us today?

Canadians have become docile, weak and pathetic. We are no longer a people with responsible government but slaves of an autocratic regime backed by international fascism. Stephen Harper is the biggest threat to Canadian democracy and security since the Cold War. He has convinced us we do not want an election, because the economy is to fragile. Harper’s policies will keep it fragile until he and his backers have absolute power. They have a goal of destroying the educated, informed Middle Class and anyone else who will question their policy.

Stephen Harper may not become Canada’s first dictator, but he is laying the foundation for one. He has become the Conservative Party, no one has dared challenge him openly since he unified the Alliance and PCs. He attacks democratic and judicial institutions, uses procedural tricks and controls the agenda. The latest controversy has him demanding civil servants to break the rules, renaming the Canadian government as the Harper Government. Why does that remind me of a speech praising Hitler?

Senate Reform is a big item in the Conservative agenda. They claim the House of Lords needs to be more democratic. Harper has reformed it the way Caesar modified Rome’s. He has stacked it with his supporters and people who owe him. The claim is it will lead to a more democratic Senate when he can get enough support to. As current events and history show us, a powerful upper house comes at the expense of the lower house, the House of Commons.

We as Canadians need to remind Stephen Harper it is our government, the citizens. The elected office is essential but the office holder, from Prime Minister to Student President, is expendable. To many Canadians are indifferent to the political situation, many others are looking for alternate methods of democracy but our system, when it is working, is the best in history. The Westminster Model has survived because it is the most flexible system and the most powerful when the people are ready to back it.

This threat to democracy has been coming long before Stephen Harper. For decades we have been called tax payers instead of citizens. Serfs to paid taxes but that didn’t mean they had freedom. The Harperites shout ‘Chrétien did it!’ as if it was okay then to. These hypocrites condemned previous governments for weakening democracy, now they are accelerating democracy’s decline. Just imagine the fury if it had been a Liberal who had added ‘not’ to a document.

Harper and the Harperites must be held to account. We are a nation of laws, traditions and precedence dating back to before Confederation. Will we crank up our MP3 players and ignore what is happening under Harper? We have a choice to make this spring, Harper or Democracy. Which is better for Canada? Which will put us on the correct side of history?


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