Canada and Norway

I am saddened by the events unfolding in Norway, it doesn’t matter what the justification is for violence it is false. So far as I can see there has been nothing about it from the Canadian government. Which is typical of this government being slow on its obligations to citizens and allies. Sure details are scarce and information confused but a show of solidarity and sympathy is required immediately. Not when others have given it or we’ve cleared it with Washington.

Norway and Canada have a long relationship with each other. A thousand years ago when Vikings came to our Atlantic coast some of them were from Norway. When the Nazis invaded in 1940 our alliance with Norway began. Canadian soldiers fought in Norway, pilots flew over Norway, our sailors patrolled their waters. Norwegians made up so many merchant crews braving the Battle of the Atlantic for six long, hard years. Norwegian resistance fighters denied Hitler heavy water for his atomic bomb production.

During the cold war Norway stood ready to sacrifice itself for democracy against a Soviet onslaught. Today Norwegians are in Afghanistan carrying Canadian made weapons against our common foes. Norway provides us with intelligence, offshore drilling technology and hockey players, to name a few things. We Canadians need to be more global with our perspective and stop worrying about little things at home. The future will not be kind to Canada if we become isolationist.


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