Everything is designed wrong

I was at Chapters and saw a book called Star Wars vs Star Trek or something like that. It was looking who would win in a fight. I didn’t pick it up though because although both are entertaining neither have properly designed ships. A warship in space should have vectored thrust on both ends, multiple sides with batteries and missile launchers and plenty of power generation. Star Wars ships fight like World War I battleships while Star Trek ships fight like fighter planes from World War II.

I am one of those people who needs to design or redesign everything around me. Buildings need to open up and have less browns, more foliage and be off the grid. London needs a light rail lines from Argyle Mall through the downtown to the west end, from Masonville Mall to White Oaks Mall and around the perimeter of the city. Additional lines should connect London with some surrounding villages and towns. The downtown should be vehicle free between midnight and 5 am. Four large parking garages with affordable rates should be built around the downtown. People should pay higher property taxes the further they are from downtown because the suburbs are the biggest drain on infrastructure budgets. Cities should have smaller footprints and be surrounded by gardens, parks and orchards. Bicycle paths separate from roads and sidewalks. Sidewalks and bicycle paths that aren’t interrupted by roads.

Clothes are all designed wrong too. I have a house coat with cuffs that catch on everything, t-shirts that fall apart after one wash, pants that fade in light and you get my point. The cheaper shirts fall apart before the wash, the more expensive don’t fit non-manicans. Clothing is made for the ease of sweatshop workers and the obscene profits of clothing companies. I want something made for just me, that fits my non-cookie cutter body. Shoes are bad to, why do they fall apart when you walk a few kilometres in them? I guess we are supposed to become sedentary blobs.

I could go on about cities, buildings, clothes, any form of military equipment, and anything else. I always seem to find the design flaws or the worst examples. I didn’t even begin on social programs and education because those could result in their own book. We get so used to mediocrity that we accept the lies that making things right is to expensive, difficult or impossible.

Canada is entering a period of constant political campaigning where one party has plenty of money to convince us to adopt poorly designed policies that have failed everywhere they have been tried. These policies benefit the people in the world forcing bad designs on us and will reduce the quality and quantity of our lives.


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