Winded or Don Quiote and his buggy whip #ontpoli #cdnpoli

I think I lost out on a job. It was doing archaeological surveys but I would be just a field technician (dirt mover). Now that the wind farms are delayed pending another review for health effects. Being the review is done by Health Canada it will say exactly what all others have said, wind power is safe. When Harper and co read that they wasted money on a report that said exactly what we know already it will be rejected and suppressed.

It is frustrating that I finally get an interview after years of looking for work and the job isn’t going to happen. I’ve been interested in archaeology since I was a kid. I watch shows, took some in school and follow it in the news. Yet when I finally find the opportunity it denied me because the project relies on people doing the right thing. We need wind energy, solar energy and all other non-fossil fuel energies. Our economic survival depends on it.

Fossil fuel prices are rising or will if the economy picks up again. The rising prices will cause a slow down. Boom bust cycles are our future unless we find alternative energy sources. I”l just say it; those politicians opposing the wind farms are corrupt pawns of the fossil fuel sector. Why else would they be actively trying to sabotage any free market competition against the fossil fuel cartel.

I wonder what has to be done to get people to think beyond 1950? Cars, coal and sprawl are archaic and lead to a hostile, unproductive society. Resources are becoming more difficult to get and are in increasing demand. No society has a right to take and use everything themselves and that is what western societies have been doing for 200 years.

The arguments of wind power causing noise or a blight on the landscape are false. If noise is a concern then ban gardening equipment, Harley hogs, noisy vehicles, industrial machinery and every other noise generating thing. If birds are the worry then outlaw bulldozing their habitat, hunting and chemicals that could be harmful and of course exhaust from vehicles. If the blight on the landscape is the issue then ban smoke stacks, cookie cutter suburban homes, strip malls and bill boards.

Of course the reactionary elements of society are uncomfortable with progress. Mainly because they are ill suited to control the new technologies and fear losing power. The anti-alternative energy crowd are just tilting at windmills, there era is ending. We are going to slowly end dependence on fossil fuels and break the cartel’s hold on us. Until then I’ll try and figure out how to earn a living in this hostile society.



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