Tragedy in #Newtown

I apologize for my angry tweet earlier, we all know executions have never brought anyone back to life or prevented another murder. Suggesting such injustice was the result of anger and frustration from feeling so helpless. It is part of grieving for people I will never get to meet.

Watch now as the gun lobbyists come out of their lairs. The National Rifle Association will soon hold a rally in Connecticut and spread lies about how if the teachers had guns all would be well. Why are gun sales better protected than children? Perhaps children need to start bribing, sorry campaign financing, politicians as the gun dealers do. The weapons cartel says guns do not kill people and then go and say without this expensive, high priced weapons system the nation is doomed. Both mean the same thing; we like getting rich on death. Training is more important than hardware and easy access to hardware by untrained people makes it more likely to be used.

I haven’t heard much of the details of the other shooting in the United States this week. Nor did I read the details of 22 people being stabbed at a Chinese primary school. I just want to read that the problem is solved and will never happen again. Fantasy will not solve the problems of violence in our societies only getting to the roots of our social disorders will. We all drove the blade in, we all pulled the trigger, we are all guilty of these crimes. We defund mental health, education and social services. We closed off the commons and commercialized the public spaces. We dehumanize ourselves by calling each consumers or tax payer or by a number. We allowed the division and subject-cation that comes with materialism. We are aliens to each other and to ourselves.

Walking Wounded by the Tea Party just came up in the shuffle on iTunes. I envy those who can hug their children today, mine lives in Hamilton with her mom. We are all walking wounded. Years ago their was a billboard in Hamilton showing a youth with a gun. The caption was a modified French proverb: ‘A gun(bayonet) is a tool with a victim(worker) on both ends’. We must mourn the tragedies in the world and then correct the systems, actions et cetera that allowed these tragedies to be.

A profound tweet from today:

So much death. What can men do against such reckless hate? – Theoden

J.R.R. Tolkien saw the trenches of World War One, through his son’s eyes he saw World War Two. How much hate, death and tragedy is enough?

I was bullied most of my life, violence of fists, words and emotions that is far to common. I helped search for a missing McMaster student when I was in high school, she was found dead. Another time during the search for Kristin French’s murderer we were locked down because a car matching the description of the suspects was behind the school. Youth are our future we need to protect them and foster their potential. Not see them as easy prey.

Violence, or the threat of violence, is terrorism. If farmer Brown has to register his rifle and shotgun to help prevent guns in the hands of terrorists than register them. Restricting the numbers of weapons made or purchased is needed as well. Serial numbers for easier tracking from factory to end user are required. Restricting ammunition types and quantities should be a given as well. All weapon company profits should be set a 90% to provide for the victims of gun violence.

For the “honest” gun owner who feels persecuted I say; look on those graves being dug in the next few weeks before Christmas.If gun control laws can help prevent this from happening again than pass them. I doubt very many of these “honest” gun owners will accept any sacrifice on their part to prevent more tragedy. They seem to be arrogant, self absorbed, angry, selfish people who care for nothing but their gun. They refuse the Democratic debate on gun control, the free speech of their opponents and are bullies. The American Second Amendment protects guns not children. The U.S constitution needs an amendment about protecting people from gun violence.

We deny weapons grade plutonium from Iran and other regimes who may hold the world hostage, but never should we apply that principle to the criminal thug getting a gun? Apples and Oranges? I bet guns have killed more people this year than atomic weapons have in the entire history of their use, hence a weapon of mass destruction. Classic military strategy is to deny enemies the means of fighting. Why not restrict criminals, terrorists and those suffering violent mental illness access to guns?

A heavily armed society is anti-Democratic and will always descend into anarchy and tyranny.

I was on such a high this week. Tuesday I saw Leonard Cohen with two wonderful, beautiful women. Last night I finished a positive book on the future of London Ontario and started one written by Douglas Adams and Terry Jones. I had a blog post forming in my head on cities and my hope for them. Now the darkness has returned, the dread, the hopelessness. Some will say stop watching the news but we need to face the tragedy, the pain, because it is all humanity that suffers from it. From conflict zones like Mali and Syria to the aftermath of natural disasters like New York and the Philippines have suffered to everyday tragedies that are only known to individual families, we are all humans.

Humanity has only two options: Evolution or Extinction. Hatred and violence are the path to extinction.


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