Healing Continues #musicheals #selfcare #mentalhealth

Have to start by saying thanks to Leslie on Twitter for the hashtags. She reminds me of music and its power, she also makes me smile. I should meet her someday.

If you want to know a bit what ADD is like, and aren’t going to read Delivered From Distraction, here you go. Last night I was editing my previous post, listening to the Tragically Hip, discussing military ethics with much smarter people than I and playing Face Book farm games. I also at some point finished some filing but never got to the laundry I did Sunday and haven’t folded yet. The twitter discussion is the point here, it lead to a short exchange on redemption, which lead to Bob Marley’s Redemption Song, which lead to me playing Legend before going to bed.

I’d also like to thank the person who reached out last night after my post. I couldn’t have written yesterday’s post without admitting the bottled up frustration and it takes a strength to admit publicly that these emotions, feelings etc exist. I use my blog Ian Curtis of Joy Division used his music, I’m listening now. Haunting and dark as it is it helps me out of the depths. Joy Division, Leonard Cohen, Nine Inch Nails or my favourite band the Tea Party all bring me back from the brink. Music has the power to change moods, change us, change the world. I don’t always hear the lyrics because I get lost in the variety of sounds or my thoughts.

Art creates art, artists are conduits of something beyond human understanding. Music helps me write, some of my best ideas come from getting lost in music, without it the words will not flow. Part of the musics purpose is to distract the parts of my brain that I’m not using to actually write and part is to remind me move. We can not create or think without moving, well at least us ADD people can’t I don’t know about you mundanes.

She’s lost control again. Sorry, was lost in the song. Many versions of this post filtered through my mind since last night. One version while listening to Bob Marley, another while listening to more Tragically Hip and this one while listening to Joy Division. My old generation 5 video iPod is the U2 edition, I call it Skippy. I only have one set of earbuds for two iPods but have a very good set of headphones that bring the sound quality out. Checked bank account. They say all the angst ends after the teen years, they lied.

My musical tastes are varied, eclectic, eccentric, all over, you get the point. Playing the old iTunes library on shuffle could result in Gustav Holst, Oscar Peterson, Dixie Chicks, New Order, K’Os, Paul Simon, Lady-Smith Black Mombassa, Men Without Hats and so on. Really there are only two kinds of music; the stuff you listen to and the stuff you don’t. I’m old enough to have music on cassette and CD, albums are still important to me. My first CD was Sarah McLachlan Fumbling Toward Ecstasy  been awhile perhaps play it next.

Thanks to music, comedy, twitter discussions and blogging I’m doing a lot better. It will take time, there will be set backs but I’m on the path to healing and it feels good to unburden my soul. I may have earlier admitted something to someone that I have been holding back on, I feel liberated though worried about the consequences. Right now I am alone in life but content.

Some albums everyone should listen to at least once:

  • Best Of Joy Division
  • Graceland Paul Simon
  • Fumbling Toward Ecstasy Sarah McLachlan
  • Greatest Hats Men Without Hats
  • Canadiana Suite Oscar Peterson
  • Temptation The Tea Party
  • Joyful Rebellion K’Os
  • Day for Night the Tragically Hip
  • Five Days in July Blue Rodeo
  • Troubadour K’Naan
  • Year Zero Nine Inch Nails
  • Save This House Spirit of the West
  • Auchtung Baby U2
  • Nevermind Nirvana
  • Fantasies Metric
  • It Dreams Jakalope
  • It’s Not Me, It’s You Lily Allen
  • The Future Leonard Cohen (don’t have a copy, hint, hint)
  • Dookie Green Day
  • The Wedding Album Duran Duran
  • No Need to Argue the Cranberries
  • Bring Me Your Love City and Colour
  • Long Black Veil the Chieftains (again no copy)
  • Legend Bob Marley & the Wailers
  • Back to Black Amy Winehouse
  • London Calling the Clash (or any Clash album)

I could go on but those I think are some the best. Certainly would explain a bit about me, yet that doesn’t scratch the surface of what I have or would like. Enough for now. The next post will be about Lego or Connections or something. Feel free to send suggestions for future blogs.


2 comments on “Healing Continues #musicheals #selfcare #mentalhealth

  1. shyutgal says:

    Thanks for the heads up on the music…I’m always looking for good music that I’ve missed and your list is pretty comprehensive. You and Glyn are a great connection for me in this genre. Thank you.


    • qualitypunk says:

      That list doesn’t scratch the surface of what I have/want. Let me know if you need more.


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