A few questions I have

Did the Malians & French fail in their strategy by clearing the towns/villages before securing the mountains? Shouldn’t the extremists been ambushed as they retreated to the mountain strongholds?

Shouldn’t their be international discussions on targeted killings and drone use before everyone rushes to do it/ use them? Their use could escalate situations until major conflicts break out, better to have limits set before that happens.

Is not House of Commons reform a more pressing issue than Senate reform? Or is this all a slight of hand as Stephen Harper tightens his grip on power? Can we have party presidents sign nomination forms and a caucus sack a leader?

How do I overcome the chaos and depression and find my creativity again?

If First Nation communities want to be traditional why do they build European style houses and lifestyles? Shouldn’t the people of the Longhouse live in modern versions of longhouses? Should be easy to build townhouses that look like longhouses.

Is it time for a Earth defence grid under UN Secretary General’s control?

How do we solve the situation in East and South China seas? Why hasn’t Parliament debated it yet?

Does anyone want to give me a massage? Excluding relatives or males.

Is it normal to feel like Mr Burns is sucking the life force out of me?

Is your hovercraft full of eels? Or are my questions becoming more silly?

Is there something else I could do to avoid any form of productivity?

Does anyone else listen to Our Time? If so which ones are your favourites?

How did Sir John A McDonald get into this list? Academics

Post answers in comments, but only if ye dare!


One comment on “A few questions I have

  1. leener814 says:

    Do you not like this record? Is it scratched?


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