570 Days #Ldnont

With thanks to LdnOnt Countdown for the countdown, which I imagine has a 60s James Bond countdown voice. Since getting sucked into local politics, by various people, I’ve noticed and participated in the mayoral fantasizing. So who would be our perfect mayor or what should our perfect mayor be like? Do we clone Calgary’s mayor or Guelph’s, or [insert lucky city’s name here]? Do we deserve better than we have? Do we have the mad scientist departments at Western U and Fanshawe College build one?

Personally I don’t know about this city. The news is bad but people are doing things or talking about doing things. The unfortunate thing is most of the people doing or talking about doing are not the ones running for council or mayor. That hopefully will change when the campaign season starts in January.

I would like to live in a city that looks like this:

or this

or this

Yet the path London is on will have the city end up looking more like this

or this

and eventually this

So how do we get the people of vision to serve on council or as mayor? How do we convince people zero percent and similar policy is the path to the last image? Or maybe I should move to Paris, Amsterdam or Cardiff and stop worrying about London.

Someone comment and give me feedback please. I’m trying to engage here.


One comment on “570 Days #Ldnont

  1. Brian says:

    I agree furiously!!! The job is not for me but I am not sitting on the sidelines any more… I am talking to friends… I am recruiting a team… I am going to find the best candidate that I can and help get them elected… Then I am not going to let them sit in their bubble and fail… I am going to support them with time, with ideas, with effort an with honest feedback.

    Any other ideas are willingly considered.


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