Thanks Twitter #FF #FollowFriday

So I’ve been brooding a lot lately as I struggle with some things. Full of self reflection, analysis and loathing my blog and in my tweets have been lately. I know i’ve been needy and difficult to deal with. So thanks for sticking by me. Someday I hope to meet each of you in person to say thanks properly. Instead of spamming everyone I will do it this way. In no particular order:

Susan Toth she knows why I owe her thanks. The more I learn about her the more I want to read her memoirs.

Shawn Adamsson also knows why. He is also encouraging me to get more involved in local matters.

Amanda Stratton for being a friend and inviting me to movies.

Rebecca Todd for teaching me, for being a friend, for starting a book club with me and feeding me (muhahaha she can’t get rid of me now!).

Eileen Dougherty ADD writers unite! more inspiration, humour and another memoir I need to read.

Christellar foodie, environmentalist, smart, caring and funny.

Leslie for teaching me #musicheals , humour and tricks to keep mentally healthy in a mad world.

Rene Ross Sex worker advocate who opens my eyes to a part of the community most often ignored and pushed aside. Also the humour and music.

Naomi Sayers teaches me a lot about many areas.

Stephanie Zubic spreads love all around and has a huge heart.

John Cleese for the comedy and following me back.

Jesse Helmer for the drink, chats and education.

Mike Moffat for explaining economics to people like me and the dodgeball.

Alan Cross for the music history and opening me up to new horizons. He deserves the Order of Canada.

Andrew Coyne my favourite opinionated columnist and curmudgeon.

Rebecca Johnson inspirational, educational, ethics and zombies.

Pauline Kaurin and her cabana boy Sven, more ethics and humour. Also for the positive reinforcement she has offered.

Sue Clifford for letting me tag along to a concert and brunch.

Holly Painter for the moving spoken words and letting me help reach out to someone.

Sandra Woy for being an online friend.

Mark Wong for the chats and being like a non-bilogical kid brother.

Elizabeth for being informative.

Caseyo Star Wars fan and USAF.

Air Force Bombshell NSFW, funny, artist and just got activated in Boston with Air National Guard.

Kady O’Malley Politics, fantasy and sci-fi. Oh and sometimes hats.

Katie Rox former lead singer from Jakalope and solo folk/country/pop singer. Sent me 3 autographed CDs after a Twitter contest I won.

Blackstone TV Show a gritty realistic series on APTN about life on a fictional reserve. I won season 1 on Twitter. Waiting for season 3 to air.

Weird History who ever is behind this account is a bit sick and demented and I must someday meet them.

Kate Beaton for Hark! A Vagrant

Most of these people I would not know unless I was on Twitter, it, they have been helpful and informative . I credit Twitter with opening up more over the last year. The list above doesn’t include everybody, feel free to poke around for other interesting people I follow. Thanks again everyone.

See you all at the Saxe-Cobourg canasta night (that should confuse them)

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