Selfish Indulgent Ideas

My birthday is coming up on August 24th and I will be 39. What I would like for my birthday this year is a tweet-up with as many of the people I tweet regularly (or Farce Book). I know people are fiscally challenged and have better things to do than celebrate some depressed nut like me. Maybe we could make it some sort of annual social media in person moot event for London Ontario. I would like to see if some of you match the picture ( I rarely howl at the moon, more often at the politicos), others I owe hugs to. So if this is doable, hopefully by people with focus and organizational skills, it would be great. Or you can pool resources to send me on a global tour with someone unrelated and hot.

Other harebrained schemes I’m thinking of include; crowd funding going back to university, starting Time Team Canada, actually finishing writing a novel *GASP!!!*, starting the Cult of Curves and having the dopamine production centre of my brain transplanted with one that works. Any advice or assistance in any of these would be greatly appreciated.

Now back to whatever it is I should be doing.


One comment on “Selfish Indulgent Ideas

  1. […] a Time Team Cataluña, so you can do it!’. I blogged recently that it was a harebrained scheme I was thinking of, but after meeting with Chris Moss for coffee earlier I’m thinking it is […]


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