Canadian Archaeology TV show – Who’s in? #Archaeology #TimeTeam #History

With the recent controversy of the Harper Government reinterpreting Canadian history and the prevalent feeling Canadian history is boring perhaps it is time for a Canadian Time Team. Time Team UK has its roots in the late Eighties/ Early Nineties and has just recently been canceled by Britain’s Channel 4. Over Twenty seasons this archaeology show has made people more aware of British history, rewritten some of that history with new evidence discovered and spawned spinoffs such as Time Team US. Ever since discovering the original Time Team on TVO I have been hooked.

Since discovering Time Team I have wanted a Canadian version of the show and Tweeted as such on April 10th. On April 12 Time Team Tweeted back: ‘there’s a Time Team Cataluña, so you can do it!’. I blogged recently that it was a harebrained scheme I was thinking of, but after meeting with Chris Moss for coffee earlier I’m thinking it is doable. There have been some Canadian archaeology shows in the past but they’re mostly specials such as Explosion 1812. A series would do so much more in making the public aware of Canada’s history.

A big hurdle is the Canadian TV industry is not known for risk taking or innovations. So perhaps we can take a pages from the Red Green Show and Time Teams successor project DigVentures. Crowd finance the show like Dig Ventures and then buy time on a network to air the show like the early years of Red Green. Of course to use the Time Team franchise will require securing the rights for Canada which will require someone with the appropriate legal experience.

This project will need a TV production team, a research team and most importantly the archaeology team. The format of the show has been a three day survey but is followed up with a recording team from Wessex Archaeology to record and close the site. Hopefully there is a firm in Canada who would help with this aspect of the project. Government involvement will also be required to get permission in some areas. Band Councils could be approached to do surveys in their communities for better understanding of our pre-settler history.

I have no experience in developing this kind of project and will need all the help people are willing to give. Please let me know if you’re willing to help get involved.


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