A looming threat from the ‘white’

Some may have noticed a tweet earlier that I wrote. It was based on this article from the National Post that had me a bit infuriated. I was just going to let it go until I saw this article, which lead to this post. Add to those the news that the horrible attack on a British Soldier in Woolwich is increasing membership in groups like the English Defence League. These groups constitute a great threat to humanity, Human Rights and global stability, the must be stopped.

I wanted when I was very young to fly fighter jets but bad ye sight and low academic achievement (mostly because of ADD not being diagnosed) killed that dream. I then wanted to be a paratrooper, didn’t need perfect eyesight or grades for that. Then the Somalia events happened that eventually killed the Canadian Airborne Regiment. The minority who ruined a once proud unit were white supremacists who could not see the value of a Somali kid’s life.

Living in Stoney Creek Ontario during the early 90s is why I loath these disgraces to the Human Species. Racial tensions, fights and few small riots destroyed a high school leaving it the territory of organized crime. Many Sikhs were forced away from their education while some of the racist perpetrators just transfered to my school which started making it a more toxic environment. High school then was bad enough with the budget cuts, staff cuts, learning disabilities et cetera, adding the racists and the Serb verse Croat bullshit and you see why skipping was a favourite subject for many.

I dropped out of school in grade 11 and joined the army reserves. That wasn’t much of an escape from the hateful fucks though. For years misguided judges had been allowing racists off their crimes if they joined the reserves. To the point on one the first parades I hear a sergeant shout ‘Are those Docs?!” He then went on to invite racists to join him behind the armouries. The long NCOs knew how toxic one racist could be in a unit, they destroy everything they touch.

I being a confused and lost person dropped out of the reserves and back in high school. I muddled through to graduation despite the difficulties. I was in a few disturbing conversations with the ring leader of the hateful. Trying to convince me skin colour meant morality or whatever, I being shy and introverted just listend awkwardly and went about my business. Things, at least on the surface, may have been cleaned up since the early 90s but those people are still out there spewing their shit.

I’ve been seeing stories in the last decade of these groups growing and gaining influence, power and resources. If they are allowed to reach a critical mass governments will fall and the world will descend into a bloddy global conflict. They must be stopped now while still sparse and disconnected. The one in Norway inflicted such massive pain awhile ago, a group in Germany has been murdering people for being Turkish, imagine if a great many globally coordinated their efforts. They may already be doing it.

Those people who foolishly think this is a few isolated incidents and Canada is immune are not paying attention. Canadian multi-cultural values are less than forty years old and under constant threat. Elements of the Conservative party and small minorities in the Liberals and New Democrats may use polite euphemisms or politically correct covers to hide it but the racism is there. Anti-Muslim or anti-First Nation views are politically entrenched in Canada, the main political actors will pose for the vote winning photo op but the fact the main parties have white Anglo-Saxons as their leaders is telling. In fact if the Green party was more mainstream they wouldn’t even have a woman leading. Also imagine the backlash if the First Nations

What is white power, racial purity or whatever else these groups are promoting? Actually I will leave it for people wiser than me to figure out how to deal with this rising nightmare. My gut instinct says cut their heads off and mount them on pikes. I know kindness and education would be better but I am incapable of that. I guess I too need to evolve a bit.


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