Now What? #write #novel

Okay, I finished a draft of my novel and need another’s opinion to edit/review it. I have no clue who to ask and random tweets don’t seem to be working. Do I just post it here and hope for the best? Also, after edited and I’m satisfied with the results what then? Agent and attempt the publishing world or self publish? I’ve never done this before and Ontario’s education system only trained me to take orders. How does someone like me promote a book?

Maybe I should start with a description of the book. It is about a new yet unnamed Canadian spy agency verse a Drug Cartel. It has twists and turns to show this chain of events are just a glimpse of something bigger that the reader has just discovered. Not a very good description but maybe I should write one when not hungry and overheating. Or maybe an editor can help with the description too.

I am getting very distracted trying to post this so I will post more on options for the next step for this novel.


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