Error, Error, Editing is an error #write #novel

Okay I made the mistake of trying to edit this silly novel myself. Conclusion is either it needs to rewritten or I’m worthless as a writer and need to flush my brains down the toilet and work in warehouses again. I rewrote the outline and that took most of the afternoon and I wish it was all done and I could move on to some other project.

I know I need a second opinion on this book but I have no money to pay someone and nobody I know seem willing to give it a look. I guess I shouldn’t give up on searching for someone to edit for me but most of my tweets, FaceBook posts and blogs seem ignored. That could just be a psychosis thing like I feel everyone judging me when I’m in a crowd.

Maybe I should just give up and move on to the next book trying to free itself from the anarchy and chaos in my head. Yes, that will be the best bet. First I’m watching war documentaries and drinking wine.


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