Debris field #ADD #life #currentevents

Because of the ADD my mind is more like a light plane tossed in a storm than a train on track. Light planes caught in pieces scattered all over the place and I feel that right now. My interests are diverse and the smallest thing can divert my limited focus from my intentions or plans. Most of the year I’ve been obsessively hyper-focused on writing a spy novel. I have a very nice person reading it right now so I started another one that works as a bit of a sequel. Things were going well until one of those storm winds hit my wings and blew me away from the book. First it was Marvel Avengers Alliance on FaceBook (add me please!) which had me making notes for my own superheroes series.

So here is an example of how getting diverted works. My Brother-In-Law’s Christmas list had a request for a gift certificate from The Game Chamber. The Game Chamber products included Flames of War products. I’ve always been interested in military stuff, I used to enjoy a computer game called Steel Panthers, I enjoyed model making as a kid and Flames of War seems to combine them all. Imperial Hobbies had the rules manual in soft cover for $10, so I’m slowly reading through it and wanting more information. The Game Chamber has a game night Tuesday I may check out to learn more. I’m thinking a Gebirgsjäger or Indian infantry based force to play any era with, now to find the sets.

I get hyper-focused on things until they get to boring, overwhelming or something else takes over. Sometimes everything is overwhelming and I wish I could shut down my brain. Other times I want to jump from topic to topic in quick succession. Anyone who follows me on twitter gets that I’m sure.

Some comments of current events that have caught my attention. It sounds like Arafat was murdered with radioactive isotopes certain Russians are fond of, is this because he was working towards peace and that cut into arms sales to the militant groups? I don’t care if Rob Ford smoked crack, I do care that he like many Ontario/Canadian politicians are ignoring accountability and using the office for personal gain. The Senate scandal is a result of the current trend to zero accountability and autocratic/dictatorial party politics. Time for MPs to lop off all the party leaders’ heads as allowed in the unwritten portions of our constitution.

So that is where I am in life at the moment, just add the normal biological needs for food, sleep, exercise and an attractive woman to use me for sexual gratification. Compound everything with the normal anxiety, chaos and zero confidence I face every nano-second.

Oh, I also found a really interesting article by Winston Churchill about the future.


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