A Provincial failure to lead #TOpoli #Onpoli #Cdnpoli

Where is the Premiere and the other Province of Ontario political leaders? The provinces largest city has a mayor who today admitted to buying an illicit substance. I’ve already written about corruption in this Province, back in May. Nothing is being done about corruption, no political leader has come forward to demand deeper investigations. The whole province seems to be heads down in the sand.

Buried by the current wave of sensationalist scandal is something else that make me want a Royal Commission into corruption in Ontario. How is it almost all land set aside to remain natural or farmland is now scheduled to be turned into cheap, cookie cutter houses, strip malls and parking? The provinces award winning plan has been completely ignored by local governments and developers. Where is the province in this? What is the point of having a provincial government if it doesn’t do anything, maybe it is time to abolish the province completely. Even those who disagree with the plan need to be worried about lack of follow through setting a precedent.

Inconsistencies in policy implementation, long productivity sapping commutes, horrible public transit, being massively behind on infrastructure renewal and civic leaders being connected to criminal activities make Ontario unattractive to investment and job creation. As the Rob Ford situation is a global joke there is a risk people will look closer and discover the alleged connections to drug dealers and gang members. Add to that Joe Fontana’s fraud trial and allegations of money laundering through his charity or former members of Thunder Bay council wanted for connections to Italian organized crime or the Toronto price fixing of concrete. Does that sound like a place to do legitimate business?

When it comes to the next provincial election there are some things I am demanding for my vote:

  • A Royal Commission into corruption in development, construction, municipal government and anywhere else it could be stealing from us
  • an end to public money going to religious or private schools
  • a public transit strategy that provides efficient public transit
  • gas tax not used for infrastructure but one percent of HST going to cities
  • plans that are enforced
  • local government changes to increase transparency and accountability – good idea for Queen’s Park too
  • end to corporate, union or special interest group donations
  • more independence for members of the legislature – no talking points
  • pundits, radio hosts, columnists etc having to declare their party affiliation like the business ones do (I’ve never been a provincial party member but am a recovering Federal Liberal)
  • Social assistance reforms to reduce the stress and the hassles faced
  • converting the property tax to a land value tax and low monthly local services fee – both standardized across province
  • million dollar fines for politicians who use the term ‘tax payer’ – or ninety days hard labour in an under funded hospital

With the current party platforms the way they are I may have to vote independent (if possible), spoil my ballot or stay away from the polling place. Ontario’s biggest problem is the short sightedness of not only politicians but of citizens. Personally I’m giving up on the whole province.

As for the federal situation, I feel only one thing is needed. It is time for Canadian Members of Parliament to exercise their privilege and order the execution of a Minister of the Crown, then at the last minute commute it to life in prison, after all we are a civilized country. That would most likely put the other Ministers in their place. It would be more democratic than an American style Senate or increased party controls others are advocating. Sometimes the Democracy Gods demand a sacrifice and I don’t mean on the battlefields.


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