Politics & Vice or Puritans & Hypocrisy #Cdnpoli

“Never trust a man who doesn’t drink” Winston Churchill

Something Tammy Marche posted on FaceBook has me thinking after she listed things that would be used against her if she ran for office. We are in the Twenty-First Century, right? We are more open, tolerant and liberal than at anytime in history, right? We forgive people and help them amend their mistakes, right? We turn the other cheek, give second chances and share the lessons learnt, right? Canada is the most tolerant, compassionate, peaceable society in the world, right?

Wrong to all above questions. Canada is still close to its barbaric roots and in many ways is slipping back into a religious, intolerant, moralizing, racist, prejudiced and savage nation of angry, hostile and puritanical tribes. I’m not talking about our First Nations, I’m talking about our entrenched political, social, economic, class or religious tribes. Each have their own chieftains, sages, media and mobs of supporters. Individuals may be members of different tribes but never publicly admit belonging to a tribe not aligned with the others belonged to.

The building climate of puritanical hypocrisy is destroying the leadership of Canada. Sir John A. McDonald was a drunk who’s first wife died young from her drug addiction, who’s second wife was far younger than him, who campaigned hungover or drunk, who accepted bribes, handed out patronage appointments and might have secured his riding by having an affair with a woman who owned the most popular tavern. Sir Wilfred Laurier’s law partner had a son that looked like Sir Wilfred. Yet in today’s climate neither of these great Canadian leaders could get elected as a sewer rat because we are so focused on the person we ignore the policies.

We have so ignored the importance of policy we end up with these bread and circuses like the Senate spending scandal, Trudeau’s pot smoking, or the Ford meltdown. Each has some serious policy issues that need to be debated by us and our representatives. The Senate scandal answered wrong doing with a failed cover up and Stalinist show trial. We do need to discuss legalizing pot to free resources to treat addicts of harder drugs. Ford and Fontana here in London both need to step aside while their legal problems are sorted out, they can’t focus on their jobs as mayor while distracted. Real leaders recognize that. The other issue with Rob Ford is what is his connection to the murder of the person he was photographed with or what happened to the people who shot the video?

The mantra we hear of “I was elected!” and its variations have also got to stop along with the Puritanism and hypocrisy. Election results in Canada are not sanctified by priests of Jupiter, the elected do not have a sacred duty to the Republic for twelve moons hence, nor do they have leave to exercise absolute power. The only government chief executive Canadians elect directly is their mayor or reeve. We elect parliaments and legislatures not prime ministers and premiers and if we put more emphasis on the individual member of parliament, maybe we will get better governments.

Here’s a question for the constitutional lawyers, if the Constitution Act 1867 says parliament will be in the Westminster model, does that not mean all political party constitutions are unconstitutional? If the Westminster model traditionally allows parliament to choose its own leadership, then imposing party leaders on a caucuses is a violation of that part of the constitution. Add the law that requires the leader’s signature to secure a nomination and we have limited government to the whims of an individual who has the most sycophants, yes-men, sheep or trained seals to call upon to spread their gospel.

The idea we need pure, vice free people to run government is also undemocratic. After all democracy is of the people, for the people and the people are definitely not pure and vice free. Such perfect, flawless people are either lacking in real world, real life experience or hiding a vice so disgusting it would lead to lengthy prison time if revealed. That is the point of the above Churchill quote, the visible vices are tolerable and show the persons humanity, while the invisible ones are always worse.

So next time a politician is presented as perfect, vice free, pure, flawless et cetera just roll your eyes and assume they’re a baby eating, child molesting, sheep shagging, genocidal, kleptocrat out to sell us all for medical experiments. Then vote for the imperfect individual who will help this country evolve. Remember Chretien was far from perfect and honest about it, the nation loved him for lowering taxes on smokes and booze. Many would make him a god if he cam back and legalized pot and prostitution.


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