Crop Rotation #Ldnont #Onpoli #Cdnpoli

Winston Churchill saw changing governing parties as useful as changing crops in a field. Some crops/Parties add to the soil/society while others take. What one crop needs the other adds. The classic example is the ‘Three Sisters’ of our First Nation predecessors on this land. The corn needs the nitrogen that the beans put into the soil. In efficient farming the soil is allowed a rest, the fields are left fallow for a season or two.
Society as soil seems to me to be constantly fed chemical fertilizers yet I’ve yet to see any seeds sown. Every political crop comes with their list of wants but never a list of what they will put back. Even on rare occasions when something is given the next group wins promising to take it away. This applies to local politics or international politics equally and any level of politics in between.
The political mantra of “All Politics is Local” is part of the problem. We have become so isolated and disconnected from each other local now means the individual. People vote for their base selfish interest. Not even their long term interests but the interests of today. We ignore the interconnectedness required to support society. We have developed a society of screw you neighbour while ignoring we live off our neighbour’s efforts.
Society does not function without division of labour and every employee provides customers for someone else. Our current race to ever lower wages and prices is a result of people ignoring that fact. We live in a global world and ignoring fair wages for India or China or anywhere is less wages being spent on what we produce.
We can never justify focusing on the local to the exclusion of all else, Earth is local. Smart phones are made with Saudi plastic, Chinese rare earth metals, Indian software and shipped on a plane built in Seattle followed by a truck built in Mexico. Global trade is nothing new, Julius Caesar wore Chinese silk(probably) and ate Indian spices even in Gaul. The networks in Caesar’s time were well established and ancient.
Globalization is a reality that is here to stay but it can not replace the need for small business, local producers and small scale manufacturing. Smart phones should be a globally assembled product but vegetables should be grown within walking distance or a short transit ride from home.
Society’s problems are down to only one single cause, priorities. A society where a father can be arrested for wanting to walk his kids home, where a couple must separate to get needed medication, where luxury has become entitlement and necessity considered luxury, where opinions are fact and fact opinion must have its priorities mixed up.
The real crop rotation needed is not political but social. We need a new society that actually is social. We don’t need revolution, that is a dog chasing its tail, the wheels of the bus going around or a bloody event replacing one group of aristocrats with another. Nothing grandiose or pretentious is needed, no grand plans or strategies, no evolutionary designs just give up.
Yes, give up. Give up on the excessive luxury so others can have their needs met. Give up the car keys so your ass can shrink. Give up on lower prices so the kid who made it can have an extra helping of rice. Give up on more and demand better. Give up on politicians that pander or spread fear and demand ones that can debate intelligently. Give up on ideology and solve issues pragmatically. Give up on the me and focus on the you. Give up on keeping up with those Joneses, we all know they’re assholes.
Also be selfish. Feel good by demanding a single national drug plan so destitution doesn’t come with chronic illness. Demand a social safety net that will spring you back up should you fall and not cause serious mental health problems. Make sure the people who buy from you have decent wages and the people you buy from do to. The government budget is not burdened with useless costs. Demand the chance to help fund the education of someone who may cure the disease of your old age. Learn to shut up and listen, you might hear the solution to that problem.
I have no idea really how our society can regain balance and come up with better priorities. I fail at thinking of the big picture sometimes and almost always ignore the details. I do know from reading plenty of military strategy and tactics that the easy route is a trap. Classic really, leave the enemy an escape route then ambush and annihilate. Sun Tzu wrote about it two thousand, four hundred years ago.
So let’s work together to repair our social soil before we plant the next political crop. Because I’m selfish I want to help with that. Remember all we are entitled to is a glass of water, lunch and human rights. First person to comment on this gets to make the crop circles.

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