Thoughts on Imperialism

This is not an academic or extensive exploration of imperialism, just a synthesis of ideas sparked by various readings. It is a very simplistic approach taken to liken macro imperialism on the geopolitical stage to micro imperialism of small groups, playgrounds or offices. Imperialism takes on many varieties and forms and operates at many levels of human society.
Imperialism is created by various combinations of two factors; profit and fear. Both the drive of profit and a sense of fear are required to start the imperialist process. The empire may start with the fear of being conquered, by a war of liberation gaining momentum and being corrupted or by simple opportunism to snatch buffer zones or resources.
The first causality of imperialism is humanity itself. The imperial power must first destroy itself and dehumanize itself to be capable of doing the same to others. Reduce the domestic populations to servants of the ideology, cause et cetera that is used to propel the imperialism. Once all humanity is gone, a social hierarchy and stratification is built at home then it can be exported.
Violence and coercion are used by imperialism to expand itself. The violence can be disguised as an instrument of policy or justified as a response to the resistance met in expansionism. A cult of violence and militarism often springs up to overwhelm and take precedence over all other activities. Client regimes can be trusted to inflict the violence for the dominant regime or easily changed to a more cooperative regime.
As the the imperialism solidifies absolutes, extremism and corruption solidify to become the norm. Rigid orthodoxy is established to prevent innovation, challenges and analysis with all decisions needing approval from the central authority. Corruption at the top inspires corruption in the middle which goes on to inspire corruption at the bottom. Traditions, language and cultures are corrupted and co-opted to protect the empire.
The profit seeking aspects of imperialism promise a vast amount of riches for the imperialist power. Those riches need wealth to protect and control them and thus the next colony must be taken for the resources needed to keep the last. Empires are pyramid schemes where all property must be controlled either through the private elites or the collective’s elites. Property and the material sphere are elevated to sacred status, where consumption is the national disease and people expendable.
The divide and rule aspect combined with tribalism and dehumanization leaves a toxic residue even long after the empire is gone. Whether genetics, religion, security or some other pretence is the cover for imperialism the consequences will be felt for centuries to come. Sixteen hundred years after the Roman Empire collapsed it is still present in our collective cultural and political DNA.
Imperialism is arrogant and all arrogance seems based in ignorance and covers deep troubles. Imperialism flourishes in situations of collective fear, greed and when passive, apathetic people let those base emotions claim the initiative. It is easier, simpler to surrender to the tyranny of imperialism, more comforting at first. Eventually those who submit to imperialism thinking they’re the emperor will soon discover they’re a slave with a crown.
Imperialism is tyranny, even when claiming to spread freedom and democracy. Tyrannicide isn’t a crime and we should commit it whenever we can, by killing the disease not those infected by it. We can all start by murdering the tyranny within.

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