The Lie of Vote Splitting #Ldnont #Ldnpoli #politics

Every nation has the government that it deserves.

– Joseph de Maistre, Savoyard lawyer and diplomat

Last time at Pints and Politics it was mentioned that “Vote Splitting” will keep so called “progressive” candidates from getting in over incumbents or the, I’m assuming, reactionary candidate. This term, vote splitting, always seems to trigger my bull shit alarm. It is another sign how our politics, at all levels, has gone from democratic to toxic.

The vote splitting mentality is part of a movement to polarized, binary politics. Essentially creating a two party system where to great archaic Nineteenth Century ideologies struggle to rule. From where I’m fidgeting, two party states are merely one party states in advanced states of mass delusion. The old entrenchments between capitalism and socialism, it doesn’t matter which way we “progressively” go, they both lead to stagnation followed by ruin.

There is an elitist sense of entitlement when people say only the approved ideological candidates should run against each other and all others would split the vote. It essentially tells those who wouldn’t vote for either extreme to stay home, it is the disease of voter/democracy suppression. Reduce the number of options then use attacks, pettiness, manipulation and fear to divide and rule. Then ice the sewage cake off with faux concern about voter turn out and suggestions on how changing the system will fix things. Really? Most sound like another way to ensure one party rule.

Some believe we need a revolution, you know, one of those gratuitous blood baths that replace one aristocracy with another. The ancient Greeks tried every imaginable political system way back in the Iron Age. Okay, they didn’t have computer voting but why trust a hackable, vulnerable computer algorithm with our future? The point is politics, the running of the polis, takes effort. The weakness in every system is the susceptibility to go insular and self destruct. Humans aren’t perfect, ergo anything humans create can’t be perfect.

So if you were thinking of running but keep getting told you will split the vote, I say run. I also grant permission to throat punch the people going around repeating the vote splitting lie. If you’re just a voter hearing voting for someone will split the vote, again throat pun and vote for who is less likely to trigger your bull shit alarm. Remember, if it is to good to be true it is false and charm is less important than competence. Also, ignore all the new speak, buzz words et cetera.

If London residents want better city government, perhaps they should start by believing they deserve it. One candidate is starting to make me believe it.

*Note: I realize I could be a bit clearer. The simple arthritic of adding votes together for candidates B and C doesn’t work because it ignores the human element, the only element that matters in democracy.


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