Transmission #musicheals

So in my last blog I mentioned we need an inquiry into Canada’s missing or murdered Aboriginal Women. However, a better informed person has convinced me there has been enough inquiries. After reading those arguments I realize writing a letter to a government that is proud to demonstrate psychotic traits and totally lacking in morals is a waste of effort. These are the same people who take the Native for a “ride” so they’ll never be a nuisance again.

So in the disturbing, screwy way my brain works I found myself looking up information about Quebec’s Charbonneau Commission and references to Ontario. Quebec, according those who watch organized crime is run by Sicilians and Ontario is run by Calabrian. Organized crime from Italy’s Calabria Region is thought to be the world’s most dominate crime syndicate and operate similarly to terror cells. To think that arrogant, smug, centre of the universe, holier than thou Ontario could be the world’s biggest organized crime bank, with no part of Ontario’s society untouched. It could explain why there are so many missing women, why so many government projects operate like money laundering schemes and why none of the provincial parties are willing to call an inquiry into corruption. Coincidently, guess what part of Italy London Ontario’s Mayor was born in.

I finally stopped reading those old corruption articles to start follow what is happening in Ukraine and Crimea. The term uncontested arrival was used on twitter earlier to announce the mysterious movements of ‘mercenaries’ to seize key facilities of interest to the Russian Federation. I guess it would be a stretch to suggest when these people did wear insignia on their uniforms the insignia was a bat. Whatever is happening in Crimea over the next few days or weeks is going to reflect badly on those who permitted the Kremlin Bully a free hand with his neighbours. Of course it will take a few years before he looks to Poland.

I need to work on not letting current events get to me. To see the positive side of life a little more without being so suspicious that it is bait to lure me in and hurt me some more. Instead of embracing the frustration and hopelessness I was feeling I recharged, that’s where I lay down in the dark and listen to a complete album. Something I’ve been needing to do a lot lately.

Transmission is a 1997 album from the Tea Party (no politics, just music). It is the album that defines me to me. I recommend finding a high kb/s rate version, a good pair of head phones and listen to it right through. That and someone follow Fridaying me on Twitter jolted me right out of the blahs. It seems the abyss isn’t finished feeding off of me yet, it’s starting to tickle.

So another listen to Transmission, check to see if X-23 is finished her training in Marvel Avengers on Farce Book and my Arctic mint tea should be ready. First, I should thank someone.


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