Should I stay engaged with city politics? #Ldnont #Ethics

I’m thinking of disengaging from London’s local political scene before it corrupts me.

I ended up at City Council last night for the disgusting debate on manipulating the councillors’ expense accounts, I’ll just refer back to a previous post on my thoughts about the subject. Here’s a simple solution to the problem, end them entirely. Give each councillor a bus pass, a set of business cards, access to a computer at city hall and a VIP pass to all city sponsored events. What more do councillors need?

This city is so obsessed with cars as being the only transportation method. A city employee mentioned the 8 meter clearance rule was bad for a walkable neighbourhood, I think members of council had their eyes glaze over while others must have thought he had switched to a foreign language. I overheard a candidate for council say before the session started that stores die because there isn’t enough parking. No, stores in London are dieing because there are better online alternatives and a lack of public transit to the retail areas.

London sees future generations as a bank machine, why else would council vote to keep waving development fees? Subsidizing developers and low property taxes is another topic I’ve blogged about recently. I had left by the time development fess came up and twitter may have mis informed me of the decision. What angered and disgusted me last night about council is when Councillor Stephen Orser admitted he was voting the way a campaign contributor demanded and nobody in council or on twitter or in the media called him on it. Get $3-4,000 dollars per unit knocked off development charges for the minuscule investment of a $750 campaign contribution.

This kind of behaviour is so serious and detrimental to society that some countries’ use the death penalty as the primary punishment. I believe in China, Orser’s admission would result in immediate summary execution behind a police station. I don’t believe in the death penalty or summary punishments but the current method here to turn a blind eye is costing us billions. It is time to get tougher with this kind of behaviour and send the worst offenders away for a couple of decades

Sadly our police service spends most of its time demanding more money from residents for less policing, more shiny toys and has little resources left to protect the public from fraud and corruption. The police are suffering from the same disease as many politicians and the public, a total lack of concern for what they’re doing to the city’s residents, a total lack of morality. Imagine how efficient the fire and police services administrations could be if they had to share a floor at city hall instead of having separate buildings.

I don’t know how to solve these problems in London, I suspect the city is beyond help. Maybe I shouldn’t bother voting this fall at least not with a ballot, voting with my feet seems a healthier option for me. Leave London to wallow in its own filth, it seems to enjoy it.


3 comments on “Should I stay engaged with city politics? #Ldnont #Ethics

  1. Stephen Orser says:

    You fail to leave your name behind your comments,but make a death threat/comment about a city councillor ? You miss should not be near city hall and will be reported to the police asap.


  2. Ed, you need to stick with it. I had a public shit-fit a few months ago on Twitter when I was struggling with the very same thoughts. Why bother? Why put myself through the agony? Why put my ideas out there to get shot down?

    The reality is is that people like you are exactly what’s needed at City Hall. Passionate people with great ideas, integrity, and the ability to question everything. The current crop of Councillors, by and large, need to go. If you won’t run, that’s fine. But people like you set an example of the type of people we want to elect to be our representatives, and not the people with massive egos who like to trumpet that they “run a $1B corporation.” Because they have it wrong… THEY don’t run the corporation, the people do. People like you, me, Shawn Adamsson, Sean Quigley, Jo-Anne Bishop, Susan Toth, etc.

    Keep at it. Take a break if you feel you must, like I did. But come back stronger and more willing to put in the work than you were before. 🙂

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