The Aftermath #Ldnont #Ethics

So I’ll start with some clarifications. First, I was not threatening the life of Councillor Orser and it was only $500 not $750 that lead him to give away city resources without adequate compensation. Sad that London’s politicians are purchased so cheaply. Secondly, I was involved in and even donated to a campaign. That and possibly a friendship is at an end. Losing a friend hurts, but I’m used to it and need to learn friends aren’t for me.

It is sad, isn’t it? When a councillor is called on his actions the first response is to tell the person to stay away from city hall. Better people then Orser have told me off. I think he’s the first to report me to the police. To those running I would say make this election campaign’s focus on ethics, an area most incumbents would lose readily with. Just keep focusing on their war on transparency, the Ombudsman and accountability, and using residents money as their own personal trough.

Somebody asked me today why London’s unemployment rate is worse than Windsor’s. Simple, see above and the local government’s behaviour. We’re increasingly in an era where companies must operate ethically or lose customer and investor confidence. If London continues to run itself like an Al Capone front then businesses will label London a place to avoid. How many of these conditions favourable to corruption does London have?

London has long been the auto industry’s boytoy and will end up ditched like the ex-husband when a newer, younger boytoy is found or the midlife crisis is over. I’ve blogged enough about what London could do to attract youth who see cars as chores or something for old people. Doubling down on the automobile at the end of the automotive era is about the same stupidity as subsidizing a buggy whip plant in the old Kellogg’s plant.

Yesterday my psychiatrist mentioned something to me that is starting to sink in. He suggested leaving London, that I need to get out of the bubble I’m in. If I follow the example of a friend(possibly former) and follow my heart, well my heart is in Hamilton. Soon she will be going to Toronto for school. My heart will never be in London, no anime or animation companies here worthy of her talent.

I was recently showing people part of a bicycle route map of London and comparing it with Hamilton’s. I miss my bike but as can be seen in the map London is a death trap for cyclists. I’m the kind of person who chooses trains over all other modes of transport, will never get his driver’s license and has ridden the Tube during a terror alert for IRA bombs in the Tube, still safer than biking in London ON. That’s the kind of infrastructure I need, if it ever comes to London I’ll be long dead. By the way here’s a map to show how irrelevant London is to the Province of Ontario. Grimsby is included but London is ignored.

I would like to thank those who encouraged me and tried to inspire me since publishing the last post. I might after a while or some convincing get engaged again but for now I’m ignoring local politics. I finally figured out a solution to the problem in the novel I’m writing and should be getting on with that. I may also look into crowd sourcing to pay for the rest of my degree. As for friendships, please keep reminding me never to get close to people, that’s the best way to preserve my fragile psyche.


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