The Vogon Lead City #Ldnont #Ldnpoli #Ldnvotes

…But please leave poetry to The London Poetry Slam. Here’s some stories from yesterday:

London in the past has had to deal with crises, not as bad as the above but imagine the current council having to deal with a city in real crises. We’d be doomed. If London was being flooded again like in the past would it be acceptable for a councillor to complain about rushing things? Perhaps passing a referral back to city staff for more research will convince rising waters to move on to a better prepared city. I for one am glad the flood defences are maintained by the Thames Valley Conservation Area or we’d all need gondolas and snorkels every spring.

Symbols matter and last night the food truck issue became a symbol of a city that is dysfunctional and lacking leadership. Maybe those who wish to start a food truck should, then gather them all at city hall in protest as part of a guerilla festival and sell food to cover the fines. Thank the humble food truck for it has shown us another symptom of London’s disease inertia. Perhaps the lack of back room for secret deals is what killed the food truck plan?

A group of Councillors and the Mayor have a belief that doubling down on the same old bad policy will have different results this time. No leadership team should be so inflexible to change and claim they wish to achieve results. So much time was wasted last night on an irrelevant issue, while this city needs bold ideas to jumpstart the failing economy. Sure there has been some bright spots like the General Dynamics deal, and hey we all can be proud when London made vehicles use 25mm autocannons on pro-Democracy protesters. Is this the sort of future London wants, making weapons for dictators and endless filibustering on minor issues delaying major decisions?

London claims to be open for business yet around six at night most of the city goes dead. In a Twenty-Four hour, seven days a week world London is only open eight hours a day Monday to Friday with maybe a few hours on Saturday. You know, like the town in Blazin’ Saddles. To often a single interest is allowed to hold this city hostage, (like its own Hydro Company) which pushes other interests away from town. Add the the sub-glacial pace of deciding on things and London looks like a horrible place to do business. City could start by collecting better data to help make better decisions, but made up numbers are a trillion times more accurate.

Awareness is a key leadership trait but yet this council seems oblivious of London’s retail woes, including an over abundance of empty retail spaces and yet the city builds more on the fringe of town. Funny, retailers that are doing well are closing stores and expanding online order warehouses, the ones that have little online presence are going under. I guess preventing more little four wheeled start-ups will protect the remaining retailers from bankruptcy, rising costs and bad business planning.

Maybe the logic of endless growth outward will pay off, I mean if London annexes all the way to Prince Rupert think of all the property taxes we could cash in on. Of course city council would decide to close the port because it interfered with the trucking industry. It isn’t like ships are used for one cargo transfer while trucks are used for another and people never say “let’s try that restaurant when we have more time” when at a food truck. As for all those infrastructure costs incurred by a continental sprawl we just have to get our begging bowls out and head for Ottawa. Save on property taxes by paying more Federal income tax, or Provincial, as long as the Mayor looks good for it.

I’m voting for Matt Brown for Mayor and Tammy Lee Marche in Ward 2, I know they are going to do a lot better than the current Vogons* on council. I guess everyone in London needs to decide if we’re going to be a relevant, cosmopolitan city or a place the mayor drives a white Caddy with horns and puts cousin Cletus on the city’s payroll.

*Note: I apologize if any Vogons are offended by being compared to members of London City Council. Do you have any food ships that could stop by?

Here’s some homework for candidates, just read the introduction, replacing war with cities, man to person, and naval and military to city staff and other public servants. Remain flexible people.


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