The end of my 30s is nigh

I was asked recently what I wanted for my Fortieth birthday, August 24th. I hadn’t been thinking about it until I was asked, now I’m most likely over thinking/analyzing it. To be honest I never thought I’d make it past 20, and there are times I wish I hadn’t. A combination of social anxiety, ADD and constant falling through cracks has my life stuck in a perpetual hurry up and wait pattern.

What I would like most for my birthday is…not that there is a woman interested though. The party is not something I really want, my birthday parties are more for everyone else than me. I’ll tolerate a party, but would rather have dinner with a few friends at Kantina restaurant. I’d also like to spend time with my daughter Rachel and introduce her to Mighty Molly. Getting away from London would be nice too, I would need someone to come with me though and it not be a road trip.

I am getting into a new hobby called Flames of War. Totally nerdy, historic, and, fun even if I’ve only played one game so far. My force is a Gebirsjäger infantry company with a few supporting guns. I was reading Erwin Rommel’s Infantry Attacks when looking into the game, my next force might be Polish or Czech tanks. I haven’t decided as models are expensive and then there is glue, paint et cetera. There is a very finite amount of money coming in and so many models, accessories to buy, not to mention albums, movies and I should buy some clothes soon.

Some things I want for my birthday instead of presents; Tammy Lee Marche winning Ward 2, a city councillor to take over the ‘Read the Report’ drinking game on twitter, to finally get finished with a writing project, time in a stress free  and car free environment, wine and whiskey. Not an exhaustive or explicit list but you get the point.

The way I’ve been feeling lately I wouldn’t mind skipping my birthday and the next few hundred years to wait for the rest of society to catch up with me. For now I’ll try and rewrite the outline to the current writing project.


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