Fiction and Food

So I got into a Twitter conversation with Robin Harvey, a person I hope to meet sometime, that lead to a question. What snack recommendations for reading Game of Thrones? What lead to that question was me mentioning I developed an addiction to Amish Friendship bread when I was reading the Hobbit the first time, yes pre-being gluten intolerant. Odd that fiction makes one hunger for food, isn’t it?

One of my favourite authors is Bernard Cornwell, writer of the Sharpe Series which launched Sean Bean’s career. One of the Sharpe Books is actually dedicated to Sean. Cornwell has another series  about the Arthur Legend where Arthur isn’t actually ever king, but Merlin is obsessed with cheese, the crumbly kind. All through that series i was craving crumbly cheese. All though I’ve never seen them I know the Sharpe cast has compiled two cookbooks to raise money for charity.

Harry Potter has resulted in numerous butterbeer recipes, a line of jelly beans, and I’m sure other foods or candies. The Hunger Games series has also lead to lamb stew with plums recipes, one of which I found at the YouTube channel Feast of Fiction. What inspired my plum stew recipe however isn’t Hunger Games but the semi-fictionalized HBO series Rome. I used beef though, this recipe actually calls for the anachronistic tomatoes instead of plums.

Many times the fiction I read or watch leads to me wanting the drinks…oh like you’re shocked. Wine, mead, whiskey, strange cocktails and sometimes even cider have been craved after reading or watching. One of my favourite Scotches is Laphroaig, which I first read about in a Len Deighton novel. Non-fiction too inspires me to want to try new drinks and food, such as T E Lawrence’s Seven Pillars of Wisdom and a TV documentaries making me want to try North African and Arab food. I found a slow cooker Moroccan Chicken recipe I like. I skimp on the carrots though.

As for snacking during reading/watching Game of Thrones and the Song of Ice and Fire series, all that jumps to mind is the dried horse meat. Much of the food is traditional European food from the Middle Ages, the northerners eat stews and roast meat while the southerners seem to dine on Mediterranean foods. I just watched season 1 but haven’t read the books in awhile so I might be missing something. Any suggestions please leave them in the comments.

If you are a fan of Firefly, and you better be or get off my planet, Jewel Staite has a food blog called Happy Opu. Beware before reading it however, you may find a desire to be one of her friends and follow her around the world to the places she finds.

Hmm, wine. Wonder which kind goes well with watching Tudors season 2?


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