Wandom Update

I have this strange mix of feelings, desires, moods and so on. They are on the whole good, but still being barely evolved to single celled organism I’m not fully understanding them. I will continue going to poetry slam to work on that. I do know, well come to a greater realisation, that I have some amazing people in my life. People I hope to spend more time with, if they can tolerate me. Even someone I want to cook for…I may have been replaced by an evil replicon, or she’s a Jedi.

Mixed in with the realization of great people in my life, writing highs, and the odd feeling of contentment, is a sense of nostalgia for the 90s. I missed having a flight simulator. I used to play Chuck Yeager, take a P-51 or FW-190 against a dozen Me163s and just turn and shoot. A while ago I pulled my old Macs out to find they were dead. Another game I was hoping to play was Sim City 2, I blame being involved in London political discussions for that. The one game I was hoping to play again the most though was Harpoon. So with my Trillium benefit from the Province I downloaded Sim City 4, a game called Gunship III which has expansions including one that I can fly MiGs, and I ordered the boardgame Harpoon 4 online. Harpoon is no longer a computer game it seems.

Still with the 90s nostalgia kick is my current viewing pleasure, reruns of Babylon 5. I also have borrowed DVDs with the 90s Batman series, just need 90s X-Men and 90s Spider Man to complete the total retro nerd out. iTunes must be reading this post as it just started playing Temptation by the Tea Party…new album out in October!!!

Wait. Is this nostalgia part of turning 40 next month? Also, why is the Norse God of Thunder and Forges getting a sex change?

Now to answer the three questions posed in Babylon 5:

Who are you?

What do you want?

Why are you here?

Actually, I can’t answer any of those questions so I’ll watch some B5 while building a new city. One with an actual, logical, layout and sensible transit system. Later I’ll take up a MiG 17 and get two more B52s to become an ace Vietnamese fighter pilot, or try the expansion where I fly F4s off a carrier. When the board game arrives, who’s in?

No wascally wabbits were harmed in the wwiting of this post.


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