Twenty One

There is something satisfying about flying around in a MiG 21 and blowing things out of the sky. Granted I fly around in ‘training’ mode with unlimited fuel, ammo, and targets that can’t hurt me. The key to the whole exercise of playing Gunship III is fun, punching out and walking home for lack of a heat seeker is never fun. The game is originally a helicopter game but I seem to flip the helo upside down before getting it airborne is why I bought the fixed wing expansions to the game.

The Mikoyan product isn’t actually the purpose of this post. I’ve been missing Tweet Up, Pints & Politics, and other go out with other humans to talk and drink. I know I’m a bore, a terrible conversationalist, and hyper creepy but still enjoy small doses of the peoples. To that end I have decided I’m going to just go to Chaucer’s Pub on August 21 to have a few drinks and chat with anyone who shows up to join me.

August 24th is my 40th birthday so red wine will be accepted with wide eyes and a mad grin. On my 21st birthday my mother kicked me, something about kicking her before I was born. I have no idea what is going on for my birthday, I’ll get told how fun it was after the event. Maybe I should create a Farce Book event or something for this…or I could go fly the A-4 off a carrier again, so much more fun than the big lumbering F-4.


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