Missing Lego Figures #Lego

So I have had the urge to put things together and as my Flames of War order hasn’t arrived yet I spent a week putting my brother and I’s old Lego sets together. Well, the ones we still have instructions for.

Rare Lego

Sorry my pictures aren’t very good but those are some rare Lego sets(two mine, three Mark’s). Two Canada Post vans, a UNICEF land rover, a Canada Post transport truck, and a 70s era sideways dumping truck that may actually pre-date Lego Figures as we know them. The dump truck is most likely my first Lego set from 78 0r 79, isn’t memory amazing? I haven’t had the instructions for it for as long as I can remember, most likely not all the parts either.

Going through the old Lego, separated from newer Lego, I noticed we haven’t got all of the Figures we had and so many of our pieces are broken. In fact many pieces have gone the way of so many instructions. So when I built all the sets we have instructions for I built a monument to the missing figures.

Monument to missing Lego Figures

That Gnome has been watching me with Lego for years, it used to be at my grandparents. When I was a kid I played with the original rubber Lego at my grandparents, they had a small house set with a cardboard roof. Anyways, back to the missing Lego Figures. I gathered all the Police Figures together and put the last remaining pirate hunter in charge, she assigned her two best detectives to the case then deployed her limited assets (are her lipstick and white feathers regulation). Actually the castle is three sets snapped together to make a slightly bigger castle.



As there are so few knights left they gave the police the castle to use and prepared their siege equipment incase they had to make an assault to get the missing figures back. Robin Hood is among the missing so they moved into his tree house. Why the tree house is next to the airport helipad is beyond me.


The love seat in the background is vintage 80s and has been used with our Lego since my parents got it(yes, I checked under it and the cushions). Speaking of 80s, The remaining 80s, and early 90s Space Lego has put together an expedition to help find the missing figures if they’re on other worlds. The one on the extreme right is my own creation with leftover space Lego pieces I don’t have instructions for. A late 70s set is missing instructions and pieces. The blue spaceman is missing a hand.

Space Ships!!!

I wonder why Mark and I never got any fire department Lego, trains, or why my brother ended up with so much Shell advertising? One of the tow trucks doesn’t have instructions and needs a tow truck. I did my best though. I remember getting tiny Lego sets in Happy Meals…the things I did for more Lego.

Product placement

Memories of Lego for me are positive as it was an escape from the troubles of school, bullies and I could always be my creative self. When playing space Lego the castle became the command centre for the space fleet that landed at the city airport. Many times space figures, town figures or the few pirates would be handed spears to make the castle assaults more epic. Some of the narratives from playing with Lego have evolved into a fantasy world I will someday write about. So thanks to all those who bought me Lego as a kid.

I just found Brickepedia and the tipper truck. My version will do for now. Next time I have my glue out I’ll try and put a few pieces back together just to see if it works. Mostly accessories for those missing figures. Knights need shields and there is a spaceman with a broken air tank.


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