So I’ve always understood getting to 40 partly meant being set in one’s ways and closed to new things, experiences et cetera. Yet, in the last few days, even in the last few minutes I’ve made fascinating discoveries. The other day someone tweeted a music video from the Sucker Punch Soundtrack, I watched it, then watched a trailer, and then went to buy a iTunes card to buy a copy. I enjoyed the movie and recommend it to people into dark comic book style movies.

One of the talented actresses in Sucker Punch is Jena Malone, and knowing I would have enough iTunes credit, I bought The Shoe I’m Okay. Turns out Jena Malone isn’t just a talented actress but also a talented singer/songwriter, and a talented photographer. In fact scanning the site I linked to I’ve just discovered more music to check out.

While getting more Doritos to write this post with I got distracted watching a piece on CBC about a new book on the 1995 Quebec Sovereignty Referendum. The Morning After: The 1995 Quebec Referendum and the Day That Almost Was by Chantal Hébert and Jean Lapierre has now been added to my ever growing to read list. Wish I could read like that robot Johnny 5.

Earlier versions of this blog post idea had other discoveries but it is too humid and the Shiraz was good to remember them so you ended up with this. Oh, well, off to discover if there is any cheese worth eating.


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