And So It Begins

So after reading this New Yorker article I realized it has been awhile since I’ve had routine walks. I thought taking a walk today would help with the stalled novel I’ve been working on, and I needed some bus tickets. I arrived at the Game Chamber in time for the skies to open and pour down…I only spent three dollars.

Someone mentioned something about new beginnings on twitter recently, it caught my attention and stuck with me it seems. I guess I’ve been wanting a new beginning, a new project to start. After some comments about the last blog post I even considered filing the nomination papers to run for council. I could do the job but getting it would be implausible unless the current slate of candidates withdrew.

So in the spirit of renewal, positive change, and starting something new I’ve been playing my 2014 release playlist all day. I suspect that playlist will grow as i know Leonard Cohen is releasing a new album soon. I’ve also decided to abandon politics for the foreseeable future, everyone has the government they deserve after all. The biggest change I’ve made today is to abandon one novel to start another.

The rush I felt, the freedom I felt when I decided to forget the toxic dump that is local politics and the even greater feelings of beginning the outline for the new book are beyond blog post while getting distracted. The other book isn’t fully abandoned, just on indefinite hold. I’m feeling a lot more positive than I’ve been for awhile, I’m back feeling like me.

The four albums I’ve got on repeat right now are; The Shoe’s I’m Okay, The Tea Party’s The Ocean at the End, “Weird Al” Yankovic’s Mandatory Fun, and Westminster Park’s Dear Honoured Listener. Add some singles from Garbage, Sarah McLaughlin and a release of a Crosby Stills Nash and Young from 1974. All in their own way are inspiring me to move on, think differently and of course laughing a bit.

As for abandoning politics, I doubt it will last long, you know that Helsinki Syndrome and all. Although burning bridges is at times the only way to convince people they need to build new ones. Who’d want me representing them anyways.

Now, I will not open another paint colour. I will not open another paint colour. I will open the Scotch for splash.


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