Some Questions for Local Candidates #Ldnont

Let’s forget the fluffy personality stuff, the cliched rhetoric swiped from US elections, and the tiresome distractions of personal attacks and changing the subject back to fluff or cliched rhetoric. London has been doing the same thing over and over again for decades expecting different results, which is Albert Einstein’s definition of insanity. So I have some loaded questions below to see who will stop the insanity.


If you are an incumbent I have to ask why you’ve supported drunk driving the past four years by not having busses running at last call? Why is London Transit the worst funded transit system in Ontario, possibly all of Canada? Why do areas focused for job creation lie outside of the transit service areas?

To challengers, how much more funding to the LTC would you vote for or how would you correct the transit problems within the existing budget? How will you prepare London for the post car world, higher gas prices, arrival of high speed rail, or the demographic shift of Baby Boomers becoming seniors?

Bicycle paths and walking paths have proven to reduce congestion, pollution, healthcare costs while increasing productivity and property values. Will the sparse networks of bicycle paths and walking paths be connected and improved if you’re elected/reelected?

How will London be connected efficiently to the rest of the region, nation, and world?

Funding City Services and Infrastructure:

Why do existing property owners subsidize developers and new property owners while the infrastructure and services to the existing properties are left to crumble? What are the opportunity losses of development fees remaining at or lower than the city’s costs?

Will you fund London Hydro to install a smart electricity grid that is capable of providing secure electricity supply and one gigabyte per second internet service at low cost? Or will you privatize the aforementioned public asset, which many international agencies consider corruption or open to corruption?

Should people in other parts of Ontario or other parts of Canada have to pay higher income taxes to pay for London’s infrastructure? There are little dead end streets with few or no properties fronting on them, should we not zone them and sell the land? Which infrastructure projects should be cancelled or bulldozed to save the city money? Should the controlled access roads in London be tolled to recover the costs of maintenance? Should scarcely used roads be switched to gravel?

Many other services are provided by London, why/how will they be improved or why/how will they be cut?


With a highly skilled and educated workforce being essential for prosperity how will London sustain such a workforce? How should London go about transforming itself to the next economy? How does London attract capital investment and open new global markets with a latent xenophobic bent recently exposed in Ward 3?

Can London win the race to the bottom to provide fickle employers the subsidies to relocate? Does it help or hurt London for people in other places to lose their job to London? Will they still buy London made goods/provided services, or be able too?

Which of London’s your personal sacred cows will you sacrifice for a more prosperous city?

Ethics and Corruption:

Why do you, or don’t you, support an integrity commissioner? Do you keep minutes of official meetings and conduct business openly, or do you conduct business in secret with no record like a crime boss or terror cell leader? Will you withdraw from voting on a decision if it could benefit you, your family or someone that contributed to your campaign? Should there be a registry of lobbyists?

Corruption reportedly costs 3.6 million lives and a trillion dollars a year globally, how will you prevent and root out corruption in London? How will London be more accountable, transparent and honest if you’re elected? What will happen to whistleblowers who expose corruption, mismanagement or waste? Can London expect jobs and investment if there is no transparency or there is a perception of favoritism? Should Ontario conduct a Charbonneau style commission into the Ontario construction industry, or is there a magic barrier along the Ottawa River?

Ethics and corruption should be the main issue this campaign. London will not attract investment and jobs in the current, murky climate. Things have improved slightly recently but the transformation is too slow and is preventing needed innovations. Any candidate who doesn’t thoroughly understand this should lose their deposit.

IMF: Corruption Around the World, UN Convention Against Corruption, OECD Recommendations, Political Corruption: An Introduction to the Issues, World Bank, INTERPOL


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