Beware of March

The weather change has my left shoulder screaming in pain worse than ever. It is most likely my advancing age and the weather change. Of course the blinding, disorienting pain had to spread beyond my shoulder, which made me think something worse was going on. As an ADHD person with an overactive brain, a history of negativity, and strong love worrying would all trigger a heart attack if I hadn’t catch the true cause.

It is a warning for me though, I need to find some way to relax. My medication can have adverse effects for hearts, my diet isn’t very good, exercise is limited to a few walks a month, and expect the worse to happen in every situation. So today after half a can of Coke, which wasn’t satisfying, I decided I’m reducing sugar and other junk. I know I should check with my doctor but that means using a phone to make an appointment, which will take a decade to work up the courage for. Anyone willing to help with that?

I guess instead of buying more Flames of War models I should buy clothes and shoes to work out with. Finding a facility nearby, with stuff that won’t bore me to death and in my price range, will be more difficult. I enjoyed karate when I was younger but there are few places around here. Any suggestions on cheap effective runners will be welcome.

I broke the shoulder joint of my left shoulder when I was eleven or twelve, try unwrapping Christmas presents with one arm taped to your chest. I may have broken my collarbone, the left one again, swinging on a grapevine hanging from a tree. Never had it checked with a doctor. I’ve had more tylenol in the last twenty-four hours than I’ve taken in the last two years. It helps but not for long. I didn’t take my ADHD med today, hence the jumbled post. I could use a massage.

So if you see me over the next few days, please avoid hitting, jarring, grabbing, et cetera my left arm and shoulder. I also started writing a new novel this month and am about seven chapters into the first draft. So adding exercise to my “routine” will have to take the writing priority into account. And as many writers will tell you the muse is a complete fornicator when it comes to schedules.

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