Random thoughts for the New Year

So, the standard calendar change over look back, look ahead, look up, look down, look all around post. I didn’t read as many books as I would have liked but I started writing a few, estimated completion date being 24 hours after the universe closes for lack of interest.

I finally have a LEGO Wolverine figure, he came with X-Men1, a Sentinel, Magneto, Storm, and Cyclops who is now wearing the hotdog suit. Now to find my favourite Star Wars characters; Rey, Sabine, Chewbacca, Darth Vader, Asoka, Storm Troopers and General Organa. Han Solo and Admiral Ackbar have actually stolen X-Men1 for the Rebel Alliance.

Still playing Flames of War and placed second on the second which is my highest tournament result. It has been a couple of years since I got a new computer game and Medieval II: Total War is finally out for Mac after ten years. I finished the tutorial and am playing the English in a campaign. I need to get a general to command the Genoa garrison.

In February I’m told the Tea Party will be having a writing session, which is good news for me. Nine Inch Nails is supposed to be releasing a new album, I can’t remember what other music is due out but it sounds like a good year ahead. Not that my 2015 play list is disappointing, I did get an autographed Edges of Twilight Deluxe edition re release.

Thanks to Shomi, Netflix, and bootlegs I have been binge watching TV shows over the last year. This won’t change as Shomi finally has season 3 of Vikings up. As you can see my life isn’t really blog worthy.

Politics and current events are things I still follow, occasionally to a point bordering obsession. The year ahead looks messy, even without the overpriced spectacle Americans claim as elections. Hopefully we don’t see more obstacles thrown up against progress on climate change and other major issues.

Anyways I resolve to be more something and less something else this year. I hope to get a writing project finished, ADHD permitting.


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