We Elect Humans #Ldnont #Cdnpoli

It is a sad time for democracy. The Honourable Jo Cox MP can be murdered consulting her constituents, when this sort of crime happens there are no parties or partisanship required. Yet, there are trolls and opportunists looking to capitalize on this tragedy, use it to score cheap political points and win the next media cycle. If we want to be outraged by something, how about violence like we’ve seen recently.

The way we treat our elected officials would be considered harassment in any other job. Constant observation under media microscopes, unreachable high standards, constant belittlement, attacks of a personal nature, and pressure to satisfy opposing camps of voters. Makes me wonder why more politicians aren’t taking us voters to the Labour Relations Boards. Maybe we should replace them all with robots to avoid the faux shock that they are humans with flaws. Add the family as election props into the mix, like applying to Walmart you show up with your kids and give them prepared statements to smile through. That should be considered child abuse, any use of children in an adults professional career should.

Until the tragic news of a dead baby found in dumpster London’s biggest story was two consenting adults having sex. The outrage, the scandull, cue the hand wringing Victorian spinsters. Funny, the Mayor/Deputy Mayor situation will get more coverage in the next few news cycles than the homeless man who found the baby still being homeless. A couple having sex is not an embarrassment for London, homelessness is.

In the developed/G7 world it is ‘misuse of funds’, yet in the rest of the world it is corruption. Yoichi Masuzoe, governor of Tokyo, resigned for spending government Yen on himself and his family. That is what a political scandal looks like, now if one of the parties in London were a foreign agent baiting the honey trap then yes be concerned. I doubt the SVR or GRU are going to waste time trapping a local politician unless they can get them into Federal Cabinet someday.

Sex is not a crime, since the late 60s police have been told to stay out of the bedrooms. Yet with politicians we suddenly see people demanding Iranian style Morality Police. Are these two getting forty lashes each or buried in sand up to their necks to be stoned? Maybe we, the ones who pile so much pressure on our elected officials, drove them to this relationship. I could list, a very long list, of politicians who’ve had affairs, mistresses, and liaisons yet are remembered, rightly, for policy and results. Should this ruin either political career it will speak more about London’s backwoods provincialism than the individuals.

Corruption, the rise of right wing and religious extremism, Vladimir Putin, Donald Trump, Climate Change, unrestricted global arms sales, terrorism, phobias, famine, forced migration, slavery, homelessness, and many other things are more important than who the Mayor has been sleeping with. Personally, I was more disappointed on Mayor Brown’s flip flop on the transit system, half a billion dollars to keep LTC in the 1940s is far more disturbing.

Here is Jo Cox maiden speech in Westminster. I’m going to escape into Black Adder.


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